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  1. turfsolutions

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    OK how many have used it to grow their application biz and to what success.
  2. Team Gopher

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    Here is a quote made by Magland from this post telemarketing.

    "We have the last 2 springs, and it does work pretty well. We have a company call to generate lawn estimates. They help qualify the leads to see how interested potential customers are in mowing or fertilizing. That saves a lot of time and money on our end for not doing a bunch of worthless estimates.

    It does cost quite a bit. First you have to buy a name list, and that can be .05 per name, so 20,000 names would be $1000. Then the company charges so much per hour to call the names, like $20-$30 per hour.

    It generates a lot of good estimates. Since all of these people were cold called, we offered special deals to help increase interest and sales. From what we have seen, you break even on the new customers in the first year. Meaning what we spent on the cold calling, we got back by the end of the season. So, the second year is your money maker on them. The key is keeping them around awhile to make it worth all your time and effort."
  3. turfsolutions

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    No one else??????
  4. grassguy_

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    have used it for quite a few years and with good success. Done it in house and saved considerably over having a huge business doing it. Does take alot of effort but in the long run has paid off well.
  5. Runner

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    That would be the way that I would think would be the most feasible. I've never saw the operation, and have NO idea how it works, as far as the software, the phone equipment, and such. There is a private co. around here that does quite a bit. He has around 9000 accounts, now, and is always growing. Alot of people will try to argue now, about them being on the "no-call" list. This is an overated, exaggerated service, since it does not even apply to local services. It applies to out of state calls, only. Now, if they tell you THEN not to call anymore, then that's different. It also exempts services which do business or have done business in the past with customers.
  6. trimmasters

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    Runner, to let you know, The Fedral do not call list applies to call from both in state and out of state companies. It did not apper to be that way to me ether but once you read in to it fully seperate laws by the FCC & FTC make it so it applies to both local and long distance businees, Also due to a court rulling in our favor none of it applies to anyone at the moment!
  7. Runner

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    I thought it was back on again, as of Friday....
  8. trimmasters

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    According to there website its still shut down for now -- we will see what happens havent heard any news as of yet
  9. lawn_j0ckey

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    Plus, you can only call those people who have used your service in the last 12-18 months. Otherwise you're SOL if they're on the do-not-call list up to a $11,000 fines by the FCC.
  10. Soupy

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    How do we get a list of #'s for targeted areas. Also how do we get the no call list? is it something that is available by city?

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