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OK how many have used it to grow their application biz and to what success.
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That would be the way that I would think would be the most feasible. I've never saw the operation, and have NO idea how it works, as far as the software, the phone equipment, and such. There is a private co. around here that does quite a bit. He has around 9000 accounts, now, and is always growing. Alot of people will try to argue now, about them being on the "no-call" list. This is an overated, exaggerated service, since it does not even apply to local services. It applies to out of state calls, only. Now, if they tell you THEN not to call anymore, then that's different. It also exempts services which do business or have done business in the past with customers.
I thought it was back on again, as of Friday....
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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