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OK how many have used it to grow their application biz and to what success.
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we have done in house telemarketing and have hired a professional telemarketing company.

Few thoughts:

1) telemarketing can be a real drag. getting hung up on all the time stinks and can get depressing. I find it tough to keep an employee energized and encouraged to keep dialing. Good possibility of loosing a good employee.

2) the do not call list can be a good thing. The folks who sign up are the folks most likely to hang up on a telemarketer. So there may be a few less homes in any particular neighborhood you can legally call, the ones you can call are much more likely to be buyers.

3) when we figured the cost of buying a list, labor cost for in house calling and the cost of running the leads (not to mention working evening hours which nobody likes doing) for us it is more cost effective to hire a company. and with the do not call list, its there responsibility to comply.

we use a company that charges 27.50 per hour. they average 2.5 leads per hour and we will close on 50%. Doing it in house we were paying just about the same 27.50 per hour (two callers) and getting 1.5 leads per hour and we averaged 40% close rate.
I think hiring a company is the way to go. they have employess that get paid insentives for getting leads. doing it in house you have employees who need to get leads tonight and run them tomorrow, much less insentive for them to generate quaility leads.

If you're a one person aint gonna be able to make enough calls to generate leads, plus go out and run the will burn you out quickly.

one more thing...if you cant run the lead within 2 days of getting it you can pretty much forget about the sale. Idealy you get the lead today and run it tomorrow!
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scottt, I would definately rethink having a professional telemarketer use your script.

(let me quailify that statement, i am assuming that the company you hire specializes in the green industry...if not, then yes i would agree that your scipt may be wiser...but if they do not specialize in the green industry you should rethink hiring them)

Heres why I say that: I have an accountant do our taxes, why?...because thats his specialty, he does it often and does it well.

I tell a potential customer that, sure, they can fertilize their own lawn...but a professional company that does this day in and day out will know the optimum timing, rates, etc. etc.

We use a telemarketing company that specializes in the green industry. They have a track record of knowing what works well, what not so well and what not at all. This is what they do day in and day out, while we only do it a couple of months per year. They have a script, insert our specifics (company name, services, blah blah blah)

I consider myself a handyman around the wife has a different opinion,lol...some things I can fix, other things are best left for the specialist.

anyway, good luck with your marketing campaign.
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when we do an estimate we always make a note of something about that property that we bring back to the office. It might be something about the lawn or it might be something like 'has beautiful dogwood in front'

On our follow up call we make sure to work that info into the conversation. 'boy, mrs jones, that dogwood in your front yard is beautiful, really adds to your landscape'

now we have a personal conversation going on, people like talking about themselves or their stuff.

it would be hard for an outsourced company to do that. In my humble opinion using an out side firm to do follow up calls just makes your company blend in with all the other companies that are calling right now.

BUT i truely do understand your feelings about working the phone. It does get easier with your second and third calls. I feel that if you did the follow up calls your close rate would be much higher.

anyway, good luck
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