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OK how many have used it to grow their application biz and to what success.
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all the telemarketers are just starting to call form un blocked numbers. most pople will pick up and its not illegal unless they call from a prvate number i think
It is now illegal to telemarket from a line that does not Identify the business name or the telemarket company making the call. IF you do, you can get a stiff fine for doing so, especially someone who is now on the do not call registry. It's also illegal as a telemarketer to block the call being made so the recipient can not determine the caller's identification.
Just thought I would chime in on the thread I started. I hired a telemarketing co. and got about 75 keeper leads in one week. However, not much closing sales success. It is still cold here so maybe people are sitting on it, but maybe they are price shoppers and do not like my price compared to Scotts and Weedman. We will see as the weather warms up. Who knows, maybe my phone will start ringing off the hook from these leads. I'll keep you posted.
The key now that you have the leads and have done some estimates is to keep in front of them with the follow up calls to help them with their buying decision. Explain your benefits of service over those big competitors. You'll do fine!
So when are you coming to evaluate my property?
Grass guy - I am having the company do follow ups for me - I just feel like a pain in the a55 when I do follow ups. Like I am hassling them. Just not my thing on the phone. In person I am great, just lousy on the phone.

Scraper - did you really get a call from us? Funny!! Hey I'll throw in a free lawn cut!!! Just kidding of course.
Originally posted by turfsolutions

Scraper - did you really get a call from us? Funny!! Hey I'll throw in a free lawn cut!!! Just kidding of course.
Yeah...I really did. I laughed and then of course hung up.
when we do an estimate we always make a note of something about that property that we bring back to the office. It might be something about the lawn or it might be something like 'has beautiful dogwood in front'

On our follow up call we make sure to work that info into the conversation. 'boy, mrs jones, that dogwood in your front yard is beautiful, really adds to your landscape'

now we have a personal conversation going on, people like talking about themselves or their stuff.

it would be hard for an outsourced company to do that. In my humble opinion using an out side firm to do follow up calls just makes your company blend in with all the other companies that are calling right now.

BUT i truely do understand your feelings about working the phone. It does get easier with your second and third calls. I feel that if you did the follow up calls your close rate would be much higher.

anyway, good luck
TSM - thanks for the advice. I'll give it a go.

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