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  1. lx665

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    Is anyone using a telemarketing company? If so, what's their name and how do they charge.


    TREEGODFATHER LawnSite Member
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    this is a troll...

    right? :confused:
  3. lx665

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    I am looking for information on telemarketing. I'm having a hard time finding companies in my local phone book. If anyone has tried telemarketing, I would like info on results, cost, and a service provider.


    TREEGODFATHER LawnSite Member
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    Those that have used it have had mixed results (from reading other threads on the issue).

    Me personally, I put myself in the position of the customer. I can't see myself using a telemarketer when I know I HATE telemarketers calling me.

    Sure, maybe you're only calling them ONCE... but about a hundred other people are calling them ONCE too...

    Just my opinion, based in part on first impressions being VERY important. The customers you DON'T land are going to refer to you as "the company who rang my phone 20 times to sell me their service"... whether you actually called that many times or not.

    Example, I had new windows installed last year. Guess what company DIDN'T get invited to give me an estimate? The one whos' telemarketer called during dinner on a Sunday a few months before.

    I prefer to stick to less "invasive" forms of advertising. Yellow pages are expensive, but always a good investment because you're reaching customers looking for YOU or WHAT YOU DO.

    I certainly invite anyone who's hired a TM to jump on in and tell us about their experience, good or bad.

    TREEGODFATHER LawnSite Member
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    If you haven't done so already, you could try using the "SEARCH" feature at the top of the page, and enter "telemarketing". It may take some sifting, but... what the heck.
  6. lx665

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    tgf, I hate telemarketers as much as anybody, but if it works...I'm looking for FIRST hand information from people who have used this service. I'm looking for information such as cost, results, company used etc.


    PS I'm well aware of the search feature.
  7. Tbarchaser

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    My start up was fueled by telemarketing 3 nights on the phone and I landed 20 accounts. ( I did bid them in person) I was not fun and I got alot of negitive feedback. But it did get me started.
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  9. grassguy_

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    I've used telemarketing in the past but have only done it in house, the telemarketing companies are usually too expensive up front to afford. It has been very effective, and when compared with other mediums of advertisement can be very cheap. But it is something you have to keep your hands on, in other words watch those you have calling and see that they are doing it in a proper way, not in an abusive but more of a non-agressive approach. Overall, most poeple are polite to calls, though the impression given and stuck in front of us on television each night would be completely opposite. With the do-not-call list now, its use will defintely diminish, and will drive up the cost of doing it as well.

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