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  1. superdave

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    Maybe there is already a thread out there on this but I couldn't find it. Do you guy's use cell phones, home phones, or a seperate business line for your LCO Company. On my little cheap business cards I made up on the computer I used my cell phone #. I'm now looking at graphics for my truck and getting professional cards and some other marketing. I'm just wondering is it smart to use your cell phone #? Do you always answer your cell phone by your business name? Do you miss calls because you can't hear your cell over your mower? Let me know what you guys think, I appreciate all the knowledge I'm gaining from this site.

  2. SouthernFried

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    I don't give out my cell. I have a phone at home I use for business with an answering machine. I call it several times a day to get messages.

    I guess it's just a personal decision. I like dealing with customers calls in my own time...but, I imagine some people want to get the customers call asap.

    If I was managing and not doing the actual work...I'd probably be more willing to give out my cell. But, sometimes I'm just not in the mood to deal with a customer and my cell constantly ringing, while I'm hot and in the process of weedeating in 100 degree weather...I'd probably tell 'em all to stick it. ;)
  3. Turf Medic

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    I would get a seperate line at the house, you can use a "teen line" unless the phone company complains. That way you can keep your personal calls and business calls seperate. If you decide later on you want to answer the calls quicker you can forward the number to your cell phone. Much cheaper than forwarding your cell phone to the business line.
  4. superdave

    superdave LawnSite Member
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    That's kinda what I'm thinking but my wife hates the idea of the added expense of another phone line. I'm some what worried about customers not leaving a message and just going on to the next LCO. I know me though and I'll leave my phone in the truck or at home and not get any calls.
  5. Turf Medic

    Turf Medic LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Added expense??? not sure what your prices are where you are at but I can add a line for less than what we charge to mow one yard.
  6. superdave

    superdave LawnSite Member
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    TurfMedic your right, my wife and I were just talking about that. Of course as new at this new accounts aren't just knocking each over to get to me.
  7. superdave

    superdave LawnSite Member
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    as new at this as I am...must reread before hitting enter.
  8. Turf Medic

    Turf Medic LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Even more reason to make sure you are as available as possible :D. Good luck with your new venture
  9. A.J.'s Lawn Service

    A.J.'s Lawn Service LawnSite Member
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    i use my cell and have a company message machine that has my name in it and have all my friends numbers in there and if it is someone i don't know i will answer to my company name
  10. DFWProLawn

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    Yep, same here, I have everyone I know listed in my cell. If anyone else calls, chances are it is a client or potential client.

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