Telescoping spray heads

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Green Sweep, Nov 21, 2007.

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    In the past few months, I have installed about 100 of these new 13" (6" body) spray heads. They have seemed to be working well until yesterday when I blew out a few of the systems that we used them on. I lost about half of them. They were shooting out of the body 30' in the air like missles. Wow, what cheap pieces of crap. I am going to replace all of them with Rain Bird 1806's in the spring & never use them again. I thought that it was a great idea..... maybe they need a few more years. Just wanted to give all of you a heads up to be aware of this.

  2. jimmyburg

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    Thanks, i got a sample, but ill never leave my current brand.
  3. Keen

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    It is a good idea but even the SAMPLES I have seen at distributors have been broken...every one of them!?!
  4. CAPT Stream Rotar

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    link please?
  5. zman9119

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    What is the point of a 13" P\U? Does that extra inch you get out of it that much better?
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  7. Wet_Boots

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    Why can't people just dig a deeper hole and use a regular hi-pop? (with the bottom inlet, of course)
  8. Dirty Water

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    Are you referring to the ones made by HIT?

    Funny, I came up with a 12" pop Spray that fit into a 6" body long before HIT made them, and even talked to my father in law (A Plastic injection mold maker) about making a prototype, but I did not have the capital to do it (It would have ran me over $10k).

    Looks like nobody has it perfect yet.

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    The 13" will screw into a 1806. The 7" will screw into an 1804. The ratchets don't hold though. We tried once and decided they were junk reserved for the most extreme situations.
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    I was shutting down a entry way the other day the the big company in the area installed. And the system had HIT valves and Rain Pro sprays. I was walking around I noticed that they had a different plug on the side inlets and I looked and seen Rain (and I assumed RainBird) and I guess I didn't take the time to actually see Rain Pro until probably the 20th one or so. Another HIT product installed by the company that under bids EVERYONE in the area. But they are also my number one source of new service clients that usually need $ome nice repair$.

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