Tell eXmark What you Really Need...Lighter 21" Metro's that Can Mulch up a Storm

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Fareway Lawncare, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. Fareway Lawncare

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    This 26" Metro Monstrosity Came About because a Few People convinced eXmark that a 150lb "Trim" Mower designed Primarily for Bagging was a Great Idea.....Not.

    There are Three Absolutely Essential Qualities a Commercial "Trim" Mower Must Have...

    1) Must be able To Mulch Almost Anything....Bagging is Counter Productive
    2) Must be Light....Lots & Lots of Turning and Backing Up w/these Units
    3) Must be Heavy Duty...Cut 20-30 Small Lots a Day Every Day.. Day in Day Out.

    The Old Proline/Suzuki , May they RIP, were Close but Now They're Gone and the neXt best Thing is a 21" Proline/Metro Honda or Kaw....

    eXmark Should have Taken the Metro 21" & Made it Lighter w/Aluminum Deck like the Lawnboy Commercial Units and Redesigned the Deck So it Could Mulch Lush Turf a Bit Better...Basically a Lawnboy Commercial Self Propelled with Toro Proline/Metro Durability Would have Been Nice...

    Instead we Have a 150lb 26" because People are Suckered into Believing that 5" of Deck is Going to End World Poverty..


    RIP Suzuki
  2. Itsgottobegreen

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    I just picked up a 21" proline Suzuki that was used by a home owner. I guess I am sitting on solid gold if I tried to sell it. Was one worth that has a minimal amount of hours on it?
  3. drmiller100

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    what's wrong with the deere?

    6.75 horse, mulch kit, aluminum TUFF deck, starts good, 2 speed drive.

    i hate using the thing cuz it is so small and cuz i can't sit on my behind, but for what it is it seems to work fine....
  4. trying 2b organic

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    I totally agree. I wish I could get something lightweight that wouldnt fall apart. Do you think the super recycler comes close? Its really light yet look at the wheels compared to the same grade Lawnboy or Husky. I have a super recycler push and am deciding between a Super Recycler or Proline self propelled. I wish Lawnboy hadn't gone to heck. My dealer doesnt even bring in the pro Lawnboys anymore since they lost the 2 cycle.
  5. AlbeLawn

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    Instead we Have a 150lb 26" because People are Suckered into Believing that 5" of Deck is Going to End World Poverty..

    LOL that is the best line i have seen on lawnsite LOL

    I about pissed my pants

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