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Tell it to me straight...Am I a Dope?

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Let's say I have to replace a spray body,I twist it out with the Channelocks,see that it was installed with a nipple.I coat the female threads of the new body with some Rectorseal(just the right amount),then spin it back down.No muss,no fuss.

In an open hole,I use tape.It's the "Use No Dope" thing that bothers me.

Should I watch my back?
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C'mon Boots, Mike. It's fun to laugh at the pups, but do the even sell PIPE DOPE anymore? They sell pipe sealant and most of it is teflon based. I don't think you can even buy the stuff we used to use on galvy swing joints and fittings. The Dope warnings were on all the bird in a bucket heads too. the internal workings and the non-metal parts in the valve in heads really didn't like dope.
GEEEZ, I thought the days of Boots and his bandwidth police was bad. There are threads missing from here?? A silly comment from Dana no less? Not even his normal level of sarcasm. I bet a guy could miss entire conversations with the mods acting this way.
Metal on metal gets tape and dope. Manifold parts I use just tape.
Others may disagree.
Where, exactly, are you still buying dope? That you can buy thread SEALANT, or TFE PASTE, I have no doubt, BUT I will repeat (one more time, from the cheap seats for the pups who have no clue), that I don't think you can actually buy PIPE DOPE anymore.
Yes you ca. Home Depot has it.
Post a link. They sell nothing in the store you can't buy on-line. You can take offense at this point if you want to, but I still say what your buying is NOT pipe dope. It will either be a modern thread sealant or teflon paste.
Search for "pipe dope" at Home cheapo.............results zero

Search for "dope" results in plumbing

Search for "thread sealant".............5 results all rectorseal products
Same search at Lowe's gives one result for an Oatey product. A search of their site gives this definition for dope

2. What is pipe dope?

Pipe dope is an industry slang term for thread sealant. It lubricates and seals when it is brushed on to pipe threads where two pipes are joined.

Generally, in my experience, any time we use the term "industry slang" like this, it is to imply that the word being used doesn't truly exist. In this case, dope wa a real product, but only back in the day of galvy and iron pipe.
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