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Tell it to me straight...Am I a Dope?

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Let's say I have to replace a spray body,I twist it out with the Channelocks,see that it was installed with a nipple.I coat the female threads of the new body with some Rectorseal(just the right amount),then spin it back down.No muss,no fuss.

In an open hole,I use tape.It's the "Use No Dope" thing that bothers me.

Should I watch my back?
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Thank you.

I am praying and confident that there will be a consensus.

I am very sensitive to any form of disagreement.
You are being sarcastic I pray.
This guy had a funny response.

I use Pro-Dope, then tape, the Teflon paste, then another layer of tape. Then I epoxy the whole mess after I screw it together with a pair of 24s (with cheaters of course) as tight as I can.

If it even looks like its gonna leak I put a couple passes of P5 on there and cap it off with some 7018 rod, flattop it with a 4" grinder, buff it up with some flapper wheels, and add another coat of epoxy paint for good measure and to fill in any porosity.
6 pages on this topic and not one thread stealer (pun) among the bunch.
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