Tell me how I did my first year?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by BlueGrassBoy, Nov 3, 2012.

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    Okay I started in 2012 season. I started with an old push mower 10+ years old, 01 Dodge Dakota and no trailer. I stared in March. Now it is November and I'll tell you what I have now. 01' GMC Sierra C3, 48 inch Ex mark metro walk behind, 34' Simplicity walk behind, brand new 5x10 trailer, leaf blower, and cheapo weed eater. Thing is I paid cash for all of my equiptment except the truck. I also ended the year with around 10 weekly residential customers, and almost full time work with preservation companies making 20-70 per cut. How did I do for my first year and what do you think I can expect to see next year as far as growth if I am disciplined enough to SELL, SELL,SELL. Also I averaged about 4 landscaping/mulch jobs per month on the side. Please tell me how I did???
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    Cash for equipment=smart
    Sounds pretty good that you are so enthusiastic...usually year 2 or3 becomes challenging as equipment fails, cost goes up as you add insurance or the overhead of a bigger trailer,tools, uniforms,advertising,accountant..and employee issues . Do not borrow too much and do not buy a 70k truck to what you need and live modestly...return phone calls promptly and be a man of your word. And learn a skill like irrigation or chemical application..get a license

    The success will come
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    Very wise words .So true.:canadaflag:
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    That's sound advice. You're doing well Blue.

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