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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by BlueGrassBoy, Mar 21, 2012.

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    Sorry for so many posts guys but I had to add something....the nursery i use is a landscaping and nursery business all in one with about 10 employees...they were unloading semis when i got there this morning at 8 o'clock opening time. it is very nice and unique they have a giant pond in the middle and alot of nice scenery...ducks,etc. but this place is really huge...but what i wanted to mention is they have a program call the silver star program...basically for every scoop of mulch purchased you get 5 dollars credit towards your next purchase and for every 50 spent on plant material you get 5 dollars credit on your next purchase...just a way to award repeats i suppose...but i got $15 credit in total that is money in my pocket or a higher profit margin on future tree plantings...thanks guys:)
  2. BlueGrassBoy

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    The trees were around 4.5 to 5 feet should barely "hug" them or put your arms around them...and the base or trunk was about 2 inches in diameter or 5 inches in circumference...small trees really..thanks:)
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    Since you did the job already,sit down and re do the estimate at home but using the wholesale rate then figure out your retail price.I bet you will and another 50-60 bucks more into your pocket.
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    Another 50 or 60? HA. Tree planting. I think dogwoods are selling wholesale nursery stock here for about 80 or so 2" caliper.

    Each tree would have cost the man $125 or so.
    Planting 40 to 50 each tree.
    Mulch 40 bucks.
    Gator bag 20 bucks each.

    What are you going to do if one of the trees dies in 2 months? Is the replacement your responsibility? You better have a plan, IN WRITING, for something like that.

    How long are you going to warranty the trees? I had a customer call me up 3 years after planting one and said it died and they wanted me to replace for free.

    I offered a warranty at the time of install. Warranty costs more, because of the what if factor. 1 year max.

    Buy the tree somewhere that offers a 1 year warranty (lowes does). You will pay more, but covers you if it dies.

    Well, I kinda got off track here, but you get my point.
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    thanks for opening my eyes next time i'll have the bid up front...the nursery gave me a one year warranty on paper so im okay in that respect...i should have bid differently no doubt though...and yes...i must find a wholesale supplier...but that is easier to do for shrubs and seasonal flowers as opposed to young saplings...alot of nurseries and green houses in my area have very few trees, and poor quality at the search must
  6. orangemower

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    Your numbers are all out of whack. How do you justify charging for your time riding around looking for a product when you're suppose to be the professional? You should already know where to go for the product. $18hr is lowballing prices.
  7. BlueGrassBoy

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    Yes I should not have charged for the time to locate plants, but as I said this was my first landscaping job...i kinda jumped in with not as much knowledge as I should as I said this job took about 1 1/2 hours, but I had one myself probably like an hour...What should I have made on this job? And what would you have charged and explain what you're charging for...thanks.
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    How long did it take you to sell the job, get the trees, plant the trees and meet with the customer to collect your money? If I understand your post correctly you made about $150 less overhead. Is that correct?

    Overhead will eat you alive. My repair tech went out today and his first repair was for $830 with parts costing about $350. His next job he replaced a motor for $480 with parts costing $250. His next job was for $2400 with parts costing $1900 and he finished the day with a $650 job that had a parts cost of $350. How did I do today? OK but not as good as you think. Overhead eats you alive.
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  9. wbw

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    Never break down your price. Only give a lump sum total. Nobaody wants to pay enough hourly.
  10. kassim503

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    Although your profit is a bit low- you made money on your first job! NICE!

    If you are uncertain about the prices of stuff- dont be afraid to step down and tell the customer that you need to "shop around to see who has the best product and you will get back to them asap." This gives you time to call around and see what your place is selling them for- and a good time for you to sit down and think about what you can do the job for while remembering the fact that you will need to buy a new truck, dump truck, and mowers of your pleasing every ten years.

    Ive learned to never shoot from the hip- much rather look like an idiot than make an informed decision rather than getting burned.

    Personally I would have doubled the cost of the materials.

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