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Tell me if I’m crazy

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So for years everyone has said Stand on mowers are the way to go in my area. I always just blew that comment off. We run 61 inch turf tigers currently and with all the rain we’ve had these heavy mowers have been pretty rough on the turf. So I decided to demo a toro grandstand but it’s only a 52inch. I kinda hated to even take it out because I was scared it would slow us down. But man let me tell you. I haven’t actually timed it but I’m pretty sure I can cover yards just as fast or faster with it than my turf tigers. I think it’s simply the fact it turns around so much faster and can fit around everything in the lawn so much better. But is it just me or does everyone seem to think this?
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This isn’t because standers are faster
It’s because people have been squeezing big deck riders in places they don’t belong thinking bigger deck, more engine , faster cut

You’re not seeing the wonders of a stander , you just realized how much of a waste a turf tiger had been on your standard lawn.

Throw the two machines on some wide open acreage and the smaller deck stander will not be able to keep up

Right tool
Right job
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