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Tell me if I am crazy.. But I think my decision is to go with an L48.


LawnSite Member
Raleigh, NC
I have made who knows how many topics asking for advice. Thats on top of asking everybody I know for advice. My decision is going against some of that advice. But at this point I still think its a good move. I haven't made the complete plunge into business for myself yet. But the wheels are already turning and its pretty much too late to stop now. Im already sitting on a 1995 Ford L7000 single axle dump with new Godwin 16ft trash dump and tarp. So the purchasing has already begun.

The dump truck was kind of an impulse purchase. Whats next I have thought long and hard about. It doesn't make sense to buy an entire fleet of equipment before having a single job lined up. I think I have a good chance of getting some construction debris removal contracts from a local builder. But that is FAR from being set in stone. Because of that I was leaning heavily towards a compact tracked skid steer. But since the construction debris removal is nothing definate, I have since decided that it might help to offer more variety with my first piece of equipment. So I think Im going to go with a Kubota L48...

Here are my reasons why...
  • I have way more experience with backhoes than skid steers/compact track loaders. Hardly a day went by during my equipment operator days that I wasn't sitting on a 416 Cat or 555 Ford for some reason or another. I feel very confident in my skills using the front bucket and backhoe.

  • I currently have enough money to cover a 15% down payment on an L48. Since leasing is not an option with Kubota, and I would prefer not going through my bank, this is the cheapest up front way to get in a machine like this.

  • I still have the option and a very good chance of leasing a skid steer with less of an upfront cost later if I choose.

  • Almost every street corner has an equipment rental place renting skid steers and CTL's like the TL130. But nothing like an L48 is available for rent.

  • What backhoes are available at rental places are a little more than I care to be towing behind my truck. Or just the opposite, they are too small.

  • Yes, I know you can get attachments for skid steers that will do everything an L48 can do. But when it comes to attachments like the backhoe, box blade, and bush hog, a skid steer attachment holds nothing on an L48 in my opinion.

  • Again, renting or leasing later on when I feel the work justifies it is always an option.

Good idea? yes/no... I wanna hear some honest opinions.

I also can't say thank you enough to those who have taken the time to respond to all my questions over the past few months. It's impossible to put a value on all the knowledge I have gained from the members of this site.. Thanks again!!!


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NE Tn.
i can't say much about whether it is the best idea or not. i can say i am in about the same position as you and am also leaning toward the tlb and i do agree with a lot of your logic. as of now i will be picking up a bobcat B300 in 3 weeks. i spent some time in a friends L35 and thought it was a fine tractor. i have also enjoyed reading your posts and the forum members answers. most of the questions were the same ones i was asking. good luck.


LawnSite Member
I have had my L48 for one year now- with no regrets. I also have a tracked mini-skid which works great with the L48 when digging walks and patios. The L48 is awesome for planting trees-especially large trees. I prefer a backhoe for digging tree holes, as opposed to an auger on a skid steer.

The L48 is available with a quick-attach front bucket -make sure you get this. You can then have hydraulic lines run down the loader arm and utilize standard skid steer attachments.


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Rollinsford, NH
I paid cash for my L48 about a year ago, and it is a fine machine once you have the kinks and leaks worked out, although most of my hydraulic leaks are from extra lines for a 4 in 1 bucket, a thumb, and a top and tilt kit. It all works great now, better than new, and it is a landscaper's dream machine.