tell me if im crazy to do this????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by P.Services, Dec 8, 2007.

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    I'm thinking about offering to about 15-20 different homeowners a extremely discounted lawn maintenance package. houses that i normally would charge $50.00 for i will do for $15.00 or $20.00. now the reason i want to do this is to get into areas that i want to do more work in. once people see my truck,trailer and crew working i tend to get all of the neighbors. now the reason i will not charge much is because I'm going to start before the lawn really needs it so the other neighbors can see my stuff before there own crew starts for the year. now i think i will only give them the cheap price for the first month or two. at the same time i will be covering the area with my flyer's and be going door to door. it will cost me some money to do this but it is very selective advertising. tell me what you guys think!!!
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    I have heard of this being done before... I personally wouldn't do it, but, I have never tried it. It would take someone who has done this with success to really answer your questions. I believe the one person I did hear of doing this did not like it.
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    What makes you think they won't drop you once you raise the price to normal. From what I've seen you get all the cheap skates who will drop you over 50 cents by doing this. Charge your normal price and do a good job and you will get the clients it just takes time, nothing comes overnight. Maybe discount them by $5-10 but only if you get them to talk to each other and you get 5-10 in a row. No way would I do a $50 lawn for $15 a cut for a month, I'm not in business to lose money.

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    Regardless of what you charge, customers are not going to be too keen on you mowing before it really needs it...I really don't know what you mean by that. Are you planning on mowing in Feb???
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    Simple answer "NO". If your company presents a professional image and you do top quality work you can get in any neighborhood you want. You have been in business for 9 years WHATS WRONG.
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    Never work cheap to get into an area. Neighbors talk and they'll want your service but for the same lowball price as the others. Now offering current customers a nice discount for referals is always a good idea. I also wouldn't show up to do work earlier then needed as it would make me think that company is trying to get over on the customer. But thats just my 2 cents.
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    I drop fliers in neighborhoods that I have no customers in all the time. Why do you need customers there to advertise? If your going to tell me you want people to see your truck and trailer while you are there, what are we talking here? a few weeks at 20 mins per week (when most people are at work anyway)?

    Personally, I think its a bad idea, and trying to justify it by "Mowing before its really needed" is really unethical.
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    Knock on doors,hand out fliers ,show pictures of machines.Dont work for nothing

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