Tell me is this weird or what?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lukemelo216, Mar 20, 2009.

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    Put out some flyers the other day for upcoming season.Get a call from a potential wanting an estimate for the full works.......mowing, fert, shrubs, clean up all of it. Says she has another company doing the work and is happy, but just wants to shop around for a good price. So i go there the next day and spend about an hour walking around the property taking measurements and then finish up writing the proposal out.Talk to the customer for about 20 minutes.......seemed really interested. Tells me to leave her some business cards and flyers for her friends. I am thinking ok well this is good.Shes hooked and its an account i really want and need. Give her a call a few days later, and says well your about the same as my previous company, so i am going to stick with them, but drop off some more cards and flyers because im all out. I just thought this was really strange. Doesnt sign up with me, but is gun ho on getting me work. Hey Ill take it, just find it really strange like i said. Anyone else experience this?
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    What I found strange was spending an hour measuring a lawn. Was this the Biltmore House or something?

    And my guess is those cards are in the trash can.
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    it was roughly an hour, and part of that hour was actually talking to the customer too. I had to measure the lawn and all the beds for weed control. It was a big property too. I am very detailed in all my estimates, I like to take my time and just make sure everything is right, so i dont forget about anything while im writing the proposal. I have a 10 page information sheet that i fill out at each potential customers house while bidding.
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    Oh yeah :p

    Hey don't take it personally, but as a rule...

    If the potential customer wants every single thing you have printed in the ad,
    plan on it being a general waste of your time, at least that has been my experience.
  5. Littleriver1

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    I had a lady that wouldn't hire me but recommended me to her friends instead of her regular guy. got me 3 account and then hired me after 3 years.
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    Yes, it is weird....
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    That is why it took an hour, the Biltmore House is in Ashville NC so I guess it was mostly drive time.:laugh::laugh:

    I would ask this person whats up, you have nothing to lose at this point but a bunch of flyers. She may be honest in getting you work but ask her exactly what friends she is giving the stuff to. She may say she is happy but there is something she isn't happy about or she would not got an estimate from you. The door isn't completely closed. Good Luck.
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    I always seem to get the neighbors of my customers b#@$ing about something.... my parking, grass clippings, cutting not close enough or too far into their property... and THEN they ask me for a bizcard cause "I do nice work...."

    It's almost like they're trying to sugarcoat there b#$ing...

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