Tell me this guy is WRONG!!


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As said earlier I am getting an Exmark in two days, when I was talking to me dealer I mentioned to him that just about every lco around here uses Walkers and that I was really excited to show them what a nice yard could look like after getting my Exmark. So I asked him why so many LCOS have at least one Walker in their lineup.

He replies "that is because of the difference in cut, Walker's are great for resi yards, while Exmarks can really get the job done in big open spaces. They are really totally different machines. The Walkers are used because they give a better cut and appearance for those really nice manicured yards bagging up all the debris, while Exmarks can get out in the open and cover a lot of ground"

My mouth was hanging open, did my dealer just tell me that the mower I bought does not give a "great cut on small, manicured residential lawns" because it did not bag? I thought the advantage of getting an Exmark was not having to worry about bagging because of the great mulching system and the best quality of cut in the industry?!?

Now he's telling me that Walker's are better for residential yards?

I did not know what to say except ok, see you on Saturday!

Tell me this is not true!!


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It really depends upon who you talk to. ALL machines have advantages and disadvantages. They're all pretty good machines as well otherwise they wouldn't be in business very long. The better machines generally have a better reputation and thus become more popular. That being said we generally get pretty good marks in terms of quality of cut.

Some machines cut tall stringy grass well others are good at knocking down the weeds, still others are good in southern grasses or northern or good on well groomed lawns.

In terms of finish cut and cut quality on turf type grass I'll put out deck up against anything out there. On all types of grasses we hold our on but the turf type grass is really where we shine. What we generally find when compared to the out-front type machines is that when cutting at the same speed we get good comparison scores on quality of cut. The problem however is it's generally not a fair comparison.

Often our cut is judged at 8 mph or 10 mph while the smaller out-front machine is cutting at 4 mph or 6 mph. In this case yes there will be times when a slower machine will leave a better cut. In others however we can cut as well or better even at higher ground speeds. As I said if you run them both at the same ground speed side by side……………………… I think you'll like what you see.

Like I always say. Don't take my word for it demo, demo and demo.



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