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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by kirkmbrown2001, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. jonthepain

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    M.D., I'm still amazed at all the traffic you get. (and a little envious that you live in Oregon; I went to SOU.)

    How do you do it?
  2. mdvaden

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    The traffic?

    It's just a continual leaving a trail of breadcrumbs via signature links, for example. Like anytime I post on a blog, or on Flicker, I always leave my signature as a link if available.

    That's like 15% though.

    By safe woods for bird page, for another example, is the most thorough list of woods for pet bird perches. It self-propagates, and I get emails from avian vet around the globe about that page. So that is content.

    A bunch of my pages have better content on some subjects than comparable pages. So those bring some traffic.

    A lot of the rest is just being online and having the right words on the right pages.

    So its all that stuff put together.

    Once, I asked a newspaper ad lady why they even bother with tiny ads, like I was paying for. She said they make their income off everything put together. So the website traffic thing is similar in that regard.

    SOU ...

    Only been there once. For a Symposium day by the Master Gardeners. I did a lecture and photo slide show for tree care.
  3. Lurch01

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    Kirk, I just want to say EXCELLENT job, E-mail blasts have helped out a tremendous amount in the past for myself with my Property Management business. The fast that you are willing to go the extra mile shows that you will be successful.

    NEVER let an e-mail or phone # go to waste. If I have either of those from a client or potential client. They will receive an E-mail or Text message monthly.

    One word of advice, Please be careful sending out e-mail blasts form your own server. If too many people mark you as SPAM all e-mails coming out form your server will be blocked. My is having this issue right now, so I am having to move things right now to correct my wrongs.

    Good Job.
  4. jonthepain

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    Male, from Raleigh
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    So I guess the bottom line, M.D., is that you have content that people are interested in.

    I can see how backlinks and correct keyword % increase awareness and pagerank, but I think that traffic - and you get traffic - is dependent on information, and information that people are looking for.

    You could have the best written, most informative content out there, but if only three people are interested in it, you won't have traffic. Or you could be in a market that is so saturated that the best content in the world might go unnoticed.

    But great content in a reasonable sized niche, with backlinks and time, should bring traffic.

    Is that a fair assessment?

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