Tell me what you think of my leaf setup idea.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by walker-talker, Jan 20, 2003.

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    Here's my situation. I bought a new leaf truck and pretty muched drain my funds and now it's going to be complicated to buy a debris loader by spring time (for scalping lawns), but will DEFINETELY get one in the future. Not sure if it helps or not, but I included a pic of the rear of truck. I was thinking of buliding a gate that will attatch to back of the truck. The gate will measure approx. 7ft wide and 6ft high. The gate will be attatched on all three sides, the left, right and bottom. When I want the gate to swing down and drop onto the trailer (in order to back my Walker on and into the truck for dumping) I pull 2 pins from both sides. When I want to dump I pull the pins from the bottom and one side, What side depends on whcih way I want to swing the gate. I am guessing the gate will cost around $500. I understand that I can load much more debris with a loader, but there will be days that I won't need to take my loader out for days I only have a few scalpings or cleanups. Days I will have my loader I will more than likely mount it at the head of the trailer. The width of the gate would have to be less than the width of the trailer, but the width of the truck is longer that the width of the trailer, so you can see in the drawings in the pic where stationary sides would be a must. I guess the gate would have to hinge off these 2 stationary sides. I drew the side actually higher that what the sides are on it now. Those wooden extensions will be removed and replaced.

    Am I offtrack, this the stupidest idea you have ever heard? Please keep you critisisms constructve. This is just an idea now and I have not put anything to paper yet.


    truck bed-with drawings.jpg
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    see if this works with a little diagram

    truck bed-with drawing.jpg
  3. A 6 X 7 ramp will need to be sturdy to support a walker full of debris. At the height it is hinged I'm thinking its going to be very difficult to drop/lift.
    Or do I not understand, will the walker dump from the trailer to the truck?
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    Thanks Bob, that is a consideration that I have had. I don't think it would be too difficult to build some kind of assist for the gate. It would be a heavy gate, the frame being built of angle and aluminum tread plate for the cover.

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    I'm not too familiar with "lawn scalping". I've heard the term used on here before. Just wondering if you could shed some light on what exactly a lawn scalping is.

    I wish you luck on your debris loading idea.
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    The only trouble I see with your idea is that with the sides on the back of the truck it will make dumping more difficult.

    When you dump, the corners will never empty with out manual unloading of a portion.

    You might want to consider putting an angle from the truck side a few feet up to the edge of the gate on either side.

    That would cut in to your load space, but might make it easier to dump.
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    That would create a "bottle neck" which most likely will compound problems.

    Matt, why are you concerned with having the gate the entire width of the truck bed? I see no problem with the gate being the full width of the bed
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    maybe just hinge the two walls on either side of the gate. They could also be pinned in place when closed.
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    I think the answer to that can be found here (I assume the width of the dump bed is greater than that of the trailer):

    I think Acorn has a good idea with the hinges on the two "side gates".
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