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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by CurbAppealInc, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. CurbAppealInc

    CurbAppealInc LawnSite Member
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    This is the current state of our site. any constructive criticism would be greatly valued.

    Curb Appeal Indy's Website (in progress) -->


    John Wilkinson
    Curb Appeal Indy
    Dir. of Operations
  2. mdvaden

    mdvaden LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I think the menu would look better if you removed the "what we do" button and just enlarged the others which already indicate what you do. So that all the buttons would be the same size.

    That's the main thing that caught my eye looking at the page.
  3. CurbAppealInc

    CurbAppealInc LawnSite Member
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    thanks. Might do that.

    Anyone else?
  4. Plant Buyer 83

    Plant Buyer 83 LawnSite Member
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    I would consider changing the text color on the left hand side. It is a little hard to read, just my opinion tho. Also, I would add more pictures of installation jobs you have done.

    Our team incorporates state of the art equipment such as satellite positioning intelligence and imagery as design boards combined with practical field applications which guides the client through the redefining of their properties at a post-modern level of expediency and pinpoint accuracy.

    That is quite a long sentence maybe break it up a little, its trying to say to much in one sentence.

    There is no description under Lawn Care, any reason why??

    Other wise not bad.
  5. No Rush

    No Rush LawnSite Member
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    Overall it looks good but the color on the left is definitely hard on the eyes. Great recommendation by md also; if you remove the "What We Do" it will match your logo up on top.
  6. NC_Irrigator

    NC_Irrigator LawnSite Bronze Member
    from NC
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    Yes change the color.

    Green on Green Doesnt go together in my opinion.

    Otherwise your site looks great. Very easy to read fonts.

    The "HOME" button green looks good, keep that color for all buttons and white lettering as in the home button as well.

  7. BFLL

    BFLL LawnSite Member
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    ......I forgot what I was going to say....
  8. qwerty

    qwerty LawnSite Member
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    Your coupon says you'll give 5% "under what you have paid from ANYONE else in the past." Does that mean you'll match my receipts from 5 yrs ago? 10 years ago? I would qualify that statement before you are forced to take a loss on it.

    The Newsletter sign-up pushes into the main column either covering some pages or pushing others.

    Also, each of the submenus under the "What We Do" are rather wordy. I would make use of the "picture's worth a thousand words" and break up the main column with pics and brief captions/description of services.

    I agree with the others about menu color. The green-on-green is tough on the eyes. The site is a great start and is much better than a lot the web has to offer. Websites don't have to be static, either. You can continuously build and edit as you go.
  9. creatived

    creatived LawnSite Member
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