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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dcwservices, Apr 26, 2008.

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    Last week we did a cleanup which incuded leaves, edging which was very bad, trimming and gutter cleaning. We charged her $150.00 for the services and quoted her $45.00 weekly. Then went by the next day to pick up the check and she told me she was very pleased. She then started to ask me for my fulltime jobs(firefighter) phone and address. When I asked what she need it for she told me she was just paranoid. So at this point my mind was made up that I was no longer doing anywork for her. She then asked for my home # which I told her we just had a cell #. Then she wanted my home address which I gave her the company p.o. box.Then told me that $35.00 sounded reasonable every other week. We told her that we were unable to do so.

    So here is the e-mail I received from her today and what I replied. Let me know what you think about my reply.

    Hi Dustin,

    Can we set Thursday, May 1, 2008 as a day you can cut/edge/trim/cleanup the yard? As I mentioned, I believe that $35.00 is a fair price. Please let me know if that is a good day for you, as I have to open the gate and keep the dog inside while I am at work.

    Would you please rake the leaves in the back against the fence as promised when you cleaned up the yard. I remember that you said you would take care of cleaning up that area. To prevent any obstacles from getting in the way, I moved everything away from the fence, but you did not touch that area. It would be appreciated if you would take care of that this Thursday if that is a good day for you. I would like the grass cut before the weekend if that is agreeable to your schedule.

    Thanks again-----I thought that the yard looked very good.

    Hers my reply....

    Hello Ms. Donna,

    Iam sorry, but as we spoke previously, we are unable to perform those tasks for $35.00. I beleive I quoted $45.00 However I will double check to make sure. It would not be fair to our current customers. As a legitimate business we also have to pay taxes, insurance, workmans compensation as well the increase of fuel prices. We are currently at our limit however If you are not happy with the back yard, we would gladly come back out and rake the leaves away from the fence. We would not be able to do so until the 2nd week of May. Iam very glad to hear that you were pleased with out hard work. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Thank You,
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    I think she is on something.
  3. Liquidfast

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    I don't see a problem with her email. She is telling you what SHE thinks is fair and you are not firm enough with what YOU think is fair. C'mon dude, meet her half way with 40 a week and skimp on the fert. Or stick to your guns and move on.
  4. Carolina Cuts

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    for whatever reasons, she's too afraid to 'come right out' and say she doesn't wanna pay $45/cut. What did ya do.... scare her?:laugh:

    And yes, she was pleased with your she's droppin' some strong hints that she'd rather pay less. Call her up.... talk to sincere, work it out.
  5. dcwservices

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    I dont need customers like that.
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    I can relate ...

    It's about a lot more than just the money.
    To me it's about how we get along.
    And if someone rubs me the wrong way...

    It happens, I might have handled it different but then I wasn't there and I can not say I would have, either way I have had my share of folks that I just couldn't do what was being asked. It just rubbed me wrong, maybe something they said, maybe I sneezed when I shouldn't have who knows?

    It's about PEOPLE!
    And how we get along, it's a little like a game of tennis or something...
    Some folks it's like a beautiful little game and everything goes back and forth so smooth,
    with others I can just feel the gears grinding...
    My take on it is, if the gears grind, it's just not for me.

    And the gears should engage smoothly, and on their own.
    A little influencing maybe, but I much prefer when it happens on auto, that's when it's good.

    She'll find her Lco one day, you'll find your customers, then all is good.
    That's how I do it.

    Other notes: THIS is how it dawned on me this last week that it's really like we're just trading customers back and forth :laugh:
    - Lco 1 (drops a customer): Hey dang I just couldn't STAND this PITA Bee Ess any MORE!
    - Lco 2 (gets a call): Wth where's this customer been all my life, what a goldmine!!

    And that is how one Lco's pita is another Lco's goldmine.

    More funny:

    2-3 months later...
    - Lco 2: hmmm dang maybe this customer, well, I can kinda see where the last Lco got a little pissed off.
    - Lco 1: crap I'm short on work, I shouldn't have told that one off (s)he really wasn't that bad.

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