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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnkid, May 23, 2002.

  1. lawnkid

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    I had a question. I don't wanna say anything to offend anyone but y does it seem that half you guys like your mowers and the others don't like the same model, always seem to be in repair shop or something. The ones who like their mowers like to brag about them. Anyways do you think the weather or part of the country you live in effects anything like the grass type, dryness of air, hot temperature, or anyhting have to do with this???? More breakdowns, less breakdowns, better quality of cut????
    Tell me what you think.

    :confused: Just wondering
  2. All of what you said is what makes up the different regons we all work in.

    Yes it makes a difference.

    Also being machanicly inclind also helps keep things running smooth.
  3. MOW ED

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    It also depends on what type of person is operating the equipment. If you look around you will find the Lazer in the pond thread. You know that if it is your 9000 dollars at stake, you will be more careful. Accidents happen but I personally know guys who work for a big company and if they are tierd of working they will just find a way to break the mower.
  4. tovoninc

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    If this was a black & white issue there would be one car company, one house builder, one mower manufacturer, etc. I too am amazed at the variety of responses some times.

    One of my mowers is probably the most despised thing on this forum but I like it and it has been good to me. I'd guess everyone one of you has equipment that someone can classify as a POS but you like it.

    One thing for sure, if a person expects a result you can bet money he'll do his best to make it happen! Human nature.
  5. johnhenry

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    I agree with what lawngodfather said also
    the statement mow ed said are ever so true with big companys. they find away to break stuff. In general there are 5 to 6 great companys out there and tons of lower based companys. And there is a old saying you get what you pay for.One thing for sure in this business if you dont spend the bucks first on your equipment you will end up paying for it later

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