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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by kountryscape, Jan 26, 2000.

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    here's my problem i own a greenhouse business out in the country on a gravel road a dead end road at that. what a location huh! but you have to do with what you have right? my new brain storm is a mobile garden center ya a mobile garden center i found a used 1985 ford 8000 pepsi truck with a cat diesil engine it has 8 bays per side you know the ones with roll up doors. my problem is i have a s-10 truck and thats it and the pepsi truck would also be used for landscaping my thing is should i buy that truck or a three quarter ton truck with a cargo trailer that has a ramp door, and concession windows on the curb side the idea is to have a market that the walmarts can't offer that is curb side delivery the pepsi truck cost $10,000 the cargo trailer cost $5500.00 plus the cost of a new or used pick-up can anyone help me out the pepsi truck is all aluminum body that won't rust but how do i carry mulch or rock bulk stuff any ideas would be great on the mobile garden center or my truck problem help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    kountryscape,<p>Heck of a lot less maintenence goes into a trailer rather than a used pepsi truck. Besides, there is a reason Pepsi is getting rid of the truck. My friend delivers for Coke. He tells me how they drive those trucks into the ground. They just beat them to death. You'll have to get the truck painted, as well. That isn't cheap. And to top it off, when you get dirt and debris in those roll-up doors it is a pain in the rear to clean them out. I mean it really sucks. The dirt does tremendous damage as well. <p>I hope this helps. <p>----------<br>Jay Raley<br>The Good Earth Grounds Management
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    Its a nice idea the pepsi truck but only has one use. Buy a dump or dumping flatbed truck and find a new or newer trailer. Then you have a work truck all year round and not just a sale truck. With a flat bed you can do sales off it as well put 1 ft. sides on it and sale right off the truck or you can haul mulch or rock or anything at all that you need. Trailer can always be used for other stuff as well hauling tools mowers or what ever you need alot easier then lifting them up into a small compatment. Good luck

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