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hole in one lco

hole in one lco

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rocky river ohio
Originally posted by TreffertLawnWrx
how about an address and phone # :)

If you were a lady i would give you my address and phone number. :D :D
I don't post my phone number in threads because then you get other lco calling to jack you around.

yes they are wallets

Expert Lawns

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would bullets help seperate the services? Some of them kind of run together a bit....maybe it's just me though. I like the card, nice work.


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Southern Utah
Too much on the front. List your services on the back and have a great front with your logo, #, and other important info.


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Columbus, NE
That's a lot of info on one little card. Do you really need to list all the servies?
I always go for simple. My cards have my complany name and logo, one line that describes what I do, phone number in large print, my name and other ways to reach me(address, e-mail, website)and that's it. JMHO