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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by R&GSweeping, Mar 3, 2001.

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    A lady called me this morning about a landscaping job at her house. Well here in SC its raining and dreary but I told her I would come over this afternoon. Well I just got back and let me tell you about it. The back part of her yard looks like a jungle. Vines, ivy, small trees grown together, weeds, bushes and she wants it all gone. Dug up removed and carried off. NOW it wouldn't be so bad if I could cut everything back but she wants all of it removed. SO tell me why I shouldn't take this job. OR if I should what kind of equipment am I going to need and what should I charge her per hour. AND btw I hate ivy.

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    My first thought on this is 'sub-contract'. If it is something that is bigger than you can handle, or if it something you don't want to handle, then call in back-up.

    You may be able to get a tree company in there one day to get rid of all the trees, then a excavator in there to remove all the brush, stumps, etc. and to level the site off.

    Finally, all you have to do is come in with some topsoil, seed, and hay, and bam, your done.

    This is how I would approach the matter if I didn't have the equipment/man power to do a job like this one sounds.

    Could be a nice hunk of change for basically doing nothing.

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    Sounds like my yard when I bought my house.

    What is this customers time table? Could be good for a fill-in job. Or next winter. (Why do these folks wait til stuff starts growing?)

    1 day with walkbehind Bush hog and cleanup, 1 day with stump grinder rental, then top dress and seed.
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    Is she wanting to better maintain her lot? Or does she just let it get outta hand for a couple of years and then half pay someone to come clean it out?

    If she wants to take it all out instead of just cutting it down, I assume she wants to do something with it. If that is the case, sounds like it could lead to planting work and maybe maintenance work too...

    Get top dollar at any rate!
    Equip rental(s)
    Dump fee(s)
    Ivy Issues

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    probably go get a small excavator or a large backhoe. get those and either a large triaxle or a big 40 yrd container. just go in there have some fun with the backhoe, pull the stumps, and then do whatever else there is. no chipping to do unless the job is really big, and if it is then get the chipper, dont use it for the vines though, it is a real pain. chip the small trees and bushes, with the backhoe all you have to do is cut the trees and use the hoe to force feed the chipper. you can go by the day or by the acre. just a matter of how you wanna charge.
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    i did one of these deals last fall and boy what a headache!

    if i did anything at all, i would subcontract out the parts (if any) that you cannot or do not want to handle. then you can work your magic with the other parts.

    don't underbid these kinds! there is a lot more "stuff" in that jungle than you can see!! :)


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