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tell us about your new trimmer line


LawnSite Bronze Member
Im really impressed with your gator magnum line and would like to know the scoop on your new line i saw recently in "Turf". It looks similar yet different... care to tell us more about it?


LawnSite Bronze Member
ill get the name in a few days, im out of town now.


LawnSite Silver Member
Oregon it's the Flexi Blade i was going to ask the same thing but i have'nt been on in a couple of days

So, What's the deal on this product & how much of a difference is there between this product and some of the others manufactured by other co's ??

Thank You

Oregon Tech

LawnSite Member
The Flexiblade is an incredible new product. It is Trimmer Line that can cut side by side with a blade. It offers the ability to cut heavy brush while being able to trim grass also. The line combined with the head that holds it make a combination that almost eliminates line breakage completely.

It is much safer than using a blade also.