tell your worst dog encounter

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rootytalbot, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. torquelandscaping

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    My eleven year old brother had his calf ripped apart last year by pit. Jumped the wrong fence trying to cut through a yard. His leg now looks like Swiss cheese. I could never own a dog that I had to worry about it attacking someome
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  2. rsrs

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    Last year I had a yard next to a house that had 4 Pit Bulls. They would run up and down the fence and a couple of times cleared the fence. Of course they would get back over once the mower was chasing them. I had had enough one day and when I was trimming the fence line one got half way over and got a face full of .105 trimmer line, made him bleed a good bit. The owner ask if I did that and I told him yes. His wife threatened to call the police on me and I told her please do. A little later in the day I got a call from the police saying the dogs owner wanted to press charges. I explained to the officer the situation and also that I had video on my cell phone (I purposely did not tell the dog owners this) of the dogs jumping the fence at other times. He laughed at that and said since I had video I didn't have anything to worry about, they did. Come to find out when he first got the call and went to house the dogs charged at him , he had to tell the owners to get their dogs under control because he had a gun and not a weedeater. That was the last I heard from them, they moved a month later.
  3. torquelandscaping

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    Any breed of dog can be a great family pet. Owners on another hand is a different story.
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  4. rsrs

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    Another quick story, Many years ago I was a meter reader for the local water utility. We carried 20" long screw drivers to pry up the lids to read the meters. One day a large mutt came at one of my co-workers and got within 10 feet when the screw driver flew through the air and found it's mark. The last time we saw that dog was when it was running away with the screw driver burried almost to the handle in it's side.
  5. torquelandscaping

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  6. peapod1125

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    I had a bi weekly lawn I used to mow in a not so great area near me. Every time I went I was a little nervous cause I could hear this large dog on the other side of this crappy rotten plywood fence. One day when I was mowing the back yard along the fence, this giant german shepard mix came breaking through the fence and grabbed one of the front wheels of my pushmower while I was mowing and started thrashing its head around. It was trying to rip the wheel off or something. I ran and got a weed eater and fired it up. I was holding full throttle at the dog and it kept coming. I couldn't hit it with it unless I truly felt in grave danger so I ended up just backing away while protecting myself. I waited and snuck in and got the mower. The homeowner was either never home or didn't want to come out(that owned the dog). It was pretty crazy.

    Also, it was a foreclosed property for a preservation company so I did not have to finish it lol.
  7. orangemower

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    So the dog never actually attacked the worker but you killer it instead? You (not my friend) should be charged with that. What kind of self defense is that when you just kill a dog for getting close?

    Could you please state your full name for the record?
  8. Valk

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    While mowing, I came across a dogpile with at least a dozen chewed-up blue Bic Pen caps and assorted clear plastic pieces IN it.
    Would've thought the dog might've barfed 'em up, but NOOOOOO. They ALL went clean through. :eek:
    I left the pile with a fair amount of uncut grass around it for the owners to find. :laugh:

    Thankfully, it was gone the next week.
  9. Moose's Mowing

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    never once had a dog problem.

    But people on the other hand.............different story
  10. JCLawn and more

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    One guys I work for has a dog that is protective of the house when the owner is home. If its just him and me he is fine, but if my kubota ztr comes close to the house with the owner home he will attack the mower. One time he went to bite my blades with my defector up and I was waiting to see what a 26hp diesel engine with 1/4 steel blades would do to a dogs jaw but he back off when his mouth got within an inch to it. One house I do the neighbors have dogs with an electric fence. I older black lab does not like the trimmer and would bark and cross the electric fence and come close to the to the guy trimming. One day I was there alone and he came close to me and gave him a face full of trimmer line. He barked at me a little bit more and then retreated back to he house. Now he barks from a distance. Another owner has a German shepherd with not all the marbles there like his owner. He has only been outside with the owner is there a couple times and we had a stand off both times until the owner physically had to grab him and take him inside. When I mow around the house he comes and charges the window at full force with his head smashing the glass. I have a feeling the next time I meet him I think were going to be going at it. He hates me more every time he sees me.

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