Telling the good systems from the bad!

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by meets1, Aug 27, 2012.

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    I am not a pro by no means for install of irrigation. I have done a few, fixed alot of heads and do alot of adjustments all for clients we have for lawn cutting/maintanence accounts.

    When installing I call a friend who knows. He has 38 years of irrigation life in him. ON a big commerical job that we mow now for many years and he installed etc that system and we got to know each other. He has helped on a few systems that we sold. I was by no means the cheapest but I got the job.

    There is another crew that slams systems in. Usually 4-6 men a day and they just did two new houses again in my town. Both yards 20k sq ft and less than a day had both in. This guy calls me since our business is about a 1/2 mile away and ask for me to come over. I am thinking great - there ready for yard work only to see irrigation running already.

    Long story short - he wondered if I could re-adjust a few heads for him (if I knew how) and if I did he would of called us to check a price with us but now he calls us cuz I am close and the others are from outta town. A few heads totally wrong direction, want a free car wash, park your car cuz that was all two heads were doing, watering the street, the other head was over shooting so far I bet it was hitting 40 foot away and missing everything in between. The other head was watering half his neighbors yard due to being over lot line and just not adjusted. I asked him about his water pressure. He said about 45-50. He had 8 heads running - they alll looked like there were peeing a little stream. Just not good.

    I gave him a few pointers and he said he hoped his yard looked as good as mine, our shop, his neighbors down the street. I told him it could of if you called us. He said he was sorry that he didn't know etc.

    In the end, I told him to call his other crew back and tell them to adjust. He said well they charge a mileage fee - I said thats why upfront they were cheaper and said thanks and call us in the future.

    Amazing to me how alittle planning and proper adjustment, placement etc can go to having a great looking yard.
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    Theres a great service customer . We have the same type outfits here , they take the cheap installs and we get the service , love it all day long
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    Yes thats about it! Sometimes I have a hard time not telling them where to go, or what should of been done. KNow I understand what needs to be said and not said but we have a cleint we have served a great many years. Got another guy to install irrigation cuz he was CHEAP. It has been problems ever since but finally this year I had it with him blaming me his yard looks like sh&t. I told well look at this way - i can polish a turd all day long but in the end its still just a turd. He laughed so hard and we've been good ever since then.
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