Temp-98 & Heat Index-108

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Tadams, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. Tadams

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    Man it was hot yesterday. In north GA the temp was 98 and the heat index was 108. It really wasn't bothering us that much until I heard what it was on the Peltors and I told my helper what it was and then it felt like we were working in a sauna on the sun after that. We would have been better off not knowing what the temp was! Information like that can be very detrimental to the morale of employees. I wont tell him again!

    What's it like in other parts of the country?
  2. OrganicBob

    OrganicBob LawnSite Member
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    I feel your pain!
    This heat is miserable!
    And the humidity here in the South! :cry: I couldn't find a smily that was sweating
  3. freddyc

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    It was like that here in Mass. last Saturday. I started cutting a tree down at 10 AM.... had it down, limbed, cut up and stacked by 11AM......had to stop working cause there was so much sweat I couldn't see what I was doing. Fell behind, but its better than getting hurt.

    Outside thermometer in the sun said 105.

    Just too hot! And you're right---its worse when the media rubs it in.
  4. QualityLawnCare4u

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    Saturday it was 104 here and I messed around and liked to have overdone it. I knew better but got hit with several one time jobs and I sweated badly. I took a water/gator aid break every 15 minutes but was not enough. Stayed in bed from Sat. night till Sunday night was so washed out. Today was trying to do a bad shrub job and I lasted about 20 minuted before I had to call it quits. Was soaked in sweat and this was 9:30 in the morning. Funny that I know better and told another poster on here this weekend to go to the ER (he sounded in bad shape). Once I have this to happen I aint worth 2 cents for about 2 weeks. Im going to go do 3 late this afternoon, taking it easy right now, its 97 not counting the heat index and humidity. Be careful, this job can kill!
  5. freddyc

    freddyc LawnSite Senior Member
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    Be careful out there----heat stroke can sneak up on you. Also, like you said, afterwards, you're not worth anything for a while so you actually lose more time then you would have by taking the afternoon off. Not to mention it's a killer on an air cooled engine too!
  6. shortgut

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    Have been getting out early working till noon and coming in well now that school has started and I have the morning ans evening bus run it is about 8:15 AM when I get back to the house and then about 30 mins to unwind and re group will by then it is 9:00 Am and the tempature is already at 81 just makes you want to spit snuff plus no rain so very few yards to cut but really feel not productive when you are in the routine of cutting grass in the morning but just really too dry and too hot it was about 95 this afternoon not counting heat index and it is like being in a sauna on the school bus no a/c it rainned all around us this eevning but nothing within 2 miles of my house better luck Weds have a school soccer field to cut and the local waste water treatment plant really think that they are putting the water on the grass cause it is growing way to fast in this weather
  7. kmann

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    Set a record here in Central Fl this summer. More than 90 days in a row with Temps in the nineties. Not to mention the humidity! Heat index around 110 many many times.
  8. DBL

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    its not that hot up here but i have a built in thermonetor in my truck and i hate seeing how hot it is it just puts us down so i know what you mean about not knowing
  9. fixer67

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    I passed out for the heat some years back. The SOB brick mason I was working for just left me there in the dirt. As far as I can figure I was out for about an hour. I was messed up for a week after that. I will never forget how he just left me laying there in the dirt. I could have been dead for all he knew. I hope he gets his in the end.

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