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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Patriots, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. Patriots

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    Has anyone used a temp service to provide employees ? Going rate here is $10.90 an hour that includes all the taxes, ss, and workmans-comp for the employee. Just not sure if 10.90 is worth it when I could hire an employee for 8.00 an hour.
  2. tonygreek

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    the biggest issues are getting someone up to speed on what they are doing, hoping they pull their weight, and hoping they show up the next day.

    And when you say you could hire someone for $8 per hour, are you including all of the aforementioned associated costs (ss, taxes, etc)?
  3. Patriots

    Patriots LawnSite Member
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    Honestly I am not sure what the associated costs would be. Do I have to offer workmans comp and unemployment insurance? Looking for some good advice on hiring employees temp or not.
  4. SCW

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    We didn't have much luck w/ temp agencies - they could provide a warm body - but nobody that knew what they were doing. The best way is to ask other lawn company employees if they have an experienced friend/relative that needs a job. Don't be afraid to stop another crew when you're out - and ask if they have a friend in need of a job. Placing a newspaper ad is a last resort - we haven't had much luck with those either.
  5. Equipguy

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    We've used temps from time to time with good results. If you're a regular customer sometimes the agency will cut you a break on the rate. It's helpful if you have a big cleanup or landscape install and need labor for a short time. Do make sure that you can send the person back if they don't workout. Try to get a credit for a slug etc. before hand. Good luck.

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