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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Kirby, Mar 1, 2000.

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    I can "re-hire" my current employee who currently is making $8.00/hr through a staffing service that will charge me a flat rate of $11.00/hr while still paying my help $8.00/hr. The benifits are they pay all employment taxs and work comp insurance, as well as cut his check weekly. I would be able to reduce accountant fees plus lose the headache of weekly payroll. Does anyone have any experience with these temp services?
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    We use this type of service in the factory that I work in. It works very well for us, they do all the prescreening and interviewing we just tell them what skills we are looking for. If you need 10 guys for one day they send them, if you need them for 2 weeks you have them. The good part for "your" employee is that if you don't have enough for a full week fr them they can do other jobs. The bad part is that unless you tell them you want the guy for a set number of days you might get a different guy next time. It also helps if you aren't the firing type of boss, you just call them and say you don't want that guy back and to send someone else. If you have a big job you can get the help you need on short notice. Just make sure you read the terms on the contract with them.
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    I called the local interum personal office and they told me that they cant cover people weedeating. I told them that was what I needed most, " sorry " is all they said.
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    Maybe if you explain your safety program for weed trimming they will allow it, safety boots glasses training. The guys we hire run power nailer after I train them and other power equipment like saws etc.

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