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I was wonder if I went through a temp service if they pay all cost such as workers comp, taxes, etc.<p>I spoke with someone that worked through a temp service and they said they had insurance and all. I know I would pay a little more per hour, but wouldn't it be cheaper than paying workers comp and all the bene's?<p>Anyone know?<p>Thanks,<p>Adam:)


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As I understand it from previous posts they do pay everything. It would be the equivilant of 12-14 dollars per hour but all costs are taken from that. The way my luck is with help it might be a worthwhile investment. At least you would stay out of trouble with the tax man and in the event anybody did get hurt I guess they would be insured. He would have to be a temp at that price though, a 40 hr week would kill me at 12-14 an hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<p>Homer


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I am to the point where I have to take on employees or turn away new work. I have considered a temp service, from what I understand they take care of everything. You just write them a check every couple of weeks. You don't have to worry about their taxes, but I'm not sure about insurance. Call any Temp agency and I'm sure they can tell you. Then talk to your accountant and break down the costs of hiring someone yourself. Another nice thing about a temp agency is that you can fire them and get a new person the next day.

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Thanks,<p>Homer,<p>As we were discussing the merging post, I hate pay help also, but man the workers comp is just throught the roof and certainly don't want to pay that much, I was quoted $1700 for 1 worker at 30 hours a week at $8.00/hr. I don't need someone that long each week but was trying to get a high quote to see the worse case scenario.<p><br>Barkleymut,<p>I am getting into the same position with turning down work. I don't want to do that because in the long run you lose. Just yesterday I went to bid a referal and after getting there I realized unless I come up with someone for at least 2 days a week I can't do it. It would about $600 a week for this one account and I just can't turn this down!!!!<p>Thanks for the thoughts,<p>Adam:)<br>

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