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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by HDLLandscaping, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. grandview (2006)

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    If I was helping someone out and he gave me a 1099 then he's no friend.
  2. Smallaxe

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    Anyone involving my business in hiding income from the IRS, is no friend...
  3. HDLLandscaping

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    Thats how I am looking at it. Thanks for the advice, looks like quickbooks will help make this alot easier too.
  4. XYZLawnPros

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    Are you going to ask him for all his "paper info"? If not, why would you 1099 him? It is a personal PRIVATE business relationship between you and him.

    Apparently you need to get all the essentials out of the way before he steps on one of your work sites. How is he going to be responsible if any damages occur from his end? Other than that, pay him cash if that's what he prefers. He is under absolutely no obligation to sign or endure coercion to be 1099'd or use his EIN, TIN or SS number.

    To Smallaxe:

    If your favorite aunty irs told you to go jump off a cliff because everyone is doing it, would you?
  5. Crimson Lawn

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    Not trying to stir your pot but why would you carry the tax burden for someone else, 1099 or employee? At the end of the year that may be thousands.
  6. Smallaxe

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    It has become obvious the level of Integrity is the same across the board... cheaters in business talk snotty to those with whom they disagree... I point those people out in the neighborhood no matter who they are... cheaters are not to be trusted at any level...

    Of course as long as you do not take the 'DEDUCTION' of hired help on YOUR 1040, then it is not cheating,,, otherwise,

    No Honor Among Thieves... :)
  7. XYZLawnPros

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    To Crimson Lawn:

    What tax burden am I carrying?
    If I ask a person who would like to be part of my team about his compensation for his labor on how he would like to be compensated there are 3 things that I ask. 1.) Would you like to sign your entire compensation over to the state, city, county and government?
    2.) Would you like to be 1099'd?(which we all know is essentially illegal in this business under a paper legal system).
    3.) Would you like to be paid cash? Federal reserve notes? Lawful money? United states notes? Silver or gold? Promissory notes?

    The only tax burden I am responsible for is if he chooses number 1. Sign the contract for it and I become a liable party to their contract.

    To Smallaxe:

    Integrity? Cheater? Snotty? Trusted? Thieves? Disagreeable?
    That sure is a lot of name calling and disrespect for your fellow man whom asked you a rhetorical question. It seems from your response that you firmly believe that everything you say is legal/lawful and the word of god, and every man, woman, child, animal or thing must bow to your whim. And if some of us do not agree with you, and by no authority have to agree with you, you become belligerent and disrespectful. Sounds a lot like the enterprises that rule this country by the barrel of a gun to me.

    I was pointing out to the original poster that maybe he should do some homework on his own instead of taking the word of persons like you who just regurgitate stuff like "you have to", or "this is the way it is". I wish persons would become people and learn for themselves instead of taking someone Else's word for it.

    To the original poster HDLLandscaping:

    Honestly guy, if you really want to play that 1099 game, you need to immerse yourself in their statutes, codes, regulations etc to gain your own understanding of what they have written that you want to follow. Everyone is going to interpret the 1099 code differently from the next. That differing interpretation includes businesses to accountants. Financial folks to lawyers. Courts and the government to aunty irs. Even the legislatures and underwriters of the codes have an entirely different opinion than the rest. For that reason alone I wish to not play the game, when their is so much ambiguity attached to everything their pens touch, every business and person or individual is treated differently in every case I have read. I think I'll pass. And I will definitely keep my business private as opposed to public.
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  8. Crimson Lawn

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    Not to get into a match of what is or is not the proper 1099 code, as defined by the IRS. I was simply stating if you put some one to work and you pay him cash, you carry sole resposibility of paying the tax on that income. Since he was not a Sub(1099) or an on paper employee, you cannot count your payment to him as a deduction. Do that to the sum of $3 or $4 grand a year and you, sir pay that as your income, not a deduction.
    My big concern is that we have a tax collecting system that is broken, Federal and State Governments that are stupid on raising taxes on everyone, unless you live in a conservative, pro business state, that are screaming we need more revenue. In actual, all the non tax matching paying employers, illegal non payroll tax paying workers and low(maybe not that low) ballers that make it even harder us to bid competively, pay our bills and support our families.
    I know paying the employer match stinks, and the quarterly estimates but it is what you half to do eventualy. The IRS is no friend of mine and they can go straight to @#$%.
  9. XYZLawnPros

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    Using federal reserve debt notes as they stand are a possibility of an adhesion contract with aunty irs or the gov.

    No one has any authority over me or can force me to enter into a private business contract with aunty irs or the gov. You do that all by yourself. Please go learn what the word "apply" means in their "legal" reference dictionaries. When you "apply" for any of their paperwork, there is no equal consideration in the contract. You are the only entity signing it. I figured that one out when I went to get my driving permit for the first time. The DMV officer would not sign the permit contract or get anyone else to sign it.My father always told me to never sign anything unless their is equal consideration given. And at least one other signature on it. I see none in any aunty irs or gov or state, city, county, township contracts. Only a fool would sign them. What does that say about the majority of the population in this country? Zero critical thinkers.

    The point is I will not and do not have to pay anything from my private affairs for compensating the labor of any people. I do not engage in private business with aunty irs or the state or the gov. THAT IS YOUR CHOICE. The only way their going to pull the wool over my eyes is to force the barrel of a gun down my throat. That is called slavery, terrorism, fraud and so on and so forth.

    "They" have no authority over you or I or any other people for that matter. This land we live on belongs to the people, not the united states, aunty irs, the county or the city. Those are nothing but private for profit businesses. And you folks wonder why the usa is the way it is. All I ever see is everyone blaming everyone else. What a well adjusted society we live in eh?

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