Temps Hit 104 today

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Snyder's Lawn Inc, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. jkingrph

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    Looks like our high to day is peaking out at about 95 now, hottest part of the day is over and clouds are starting to block the sun.

    We had some 100+ days earlier. I took the wife to the nearby larger town for some shopping last Wed. and noticed that a certain area always tops out 5-6 degrees hotter than a couple of miles south, probably due to all the traffic and pavement everwhere.
  2. ed2hess

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    That is exactly how I approach it....And in our area we know it will be bad from early June to late Sept but then we got 8 months of easy mowing time. I sure am glad that big HIGH is setting further up north instead of right over Austin. If it comes back to our area we will be looking for 115 and that is the break point.
  3. weeze

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    yeah i'm starting to get the feeling it's gonna be one of "those" years where everything is like a desert and it stay 100+ for a month or so.
  4. Richard Martin

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    The number of accounts has nothing to do with being amateur or pro. Do you produce a quality product consistently? Are you licensed and insured? Do you take your own safety and the safety of others seriously? Do you pay your fair share of taxes and try to work as legally as is reasonable? Do you maintain your equipment regularly so as to minimize service disruptions due to broken equipment?
  5. ngibson6

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    When it gets hot like it's been, and it's middle of the afternoon and I feel like it couldn't get any hotter and start getting a bad attitude about it I think of this scene from Happy Gilmore. I imagine me as Gilmore and the baseball is the heat/humidity. Stupid I know, but it always makes me chuckle a little. It always brings my morale up a little. And when checking the forcast and the temps are in the 100s, rather than complain I just say "bring it". What else can you do? Just go out and do the best you can, no one can ask for anything else.

  6. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Good luck to you guys those numbers scare the hell out of me. I know you get that for a few days or a week and id start to lose 2000 plus a week in skips that's assuming a 40% write off. Which happened here in 2005 now in the 90s when I had a job in this trade I saw it get to 70% write off and over 50 days with out rain. So I know what a drought looks like and know what it can do to your income. We got a week ahead of 80-90 all week and that is making the lawns show heat stress. I hope it cools off for you guys soon.
  7. Father&Daughter Lawn care

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    Indiana is working on 10 straight days of 90+ temps. Rainfall total for the month of June was only .005 or 5/100th of an inch of rain. Driest June on record. In Indiana historically June has more rainfall than any other month of the year. Temps supposed to be 101 today. Grass is all but gone.
  8. zechstoker

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    This week's forecast for the area that's the heart of my route. :weightlifter:

  9. Richard Martin

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    Man, I am sick to death of 100° plus.
  10. that does suck...BUT, you get cool night temps....

    where is modesto? inland cal? what's the biggest city it's closest too?

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