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  1. OsbornLawnMaintenance

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    I am getting ready to do a big sod job and I was wondering if anyone has had any success with temporary staffing services. I usually work by myself but this is too much for me to do myself. The pluses are that they provide ins and workmans comp. They will charge me 14.5 per hour to pay the workers 10 an hour. I figure the 4.50 an hour is worth not having to do interviews and get ins and workmans comp on other people. I've had some guys calling and asking for work, maybee it would be easier to take them on temporarily. Comments?...
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    I know some people that have used temps and some of the ones they have received was not all that great. I even checked into it a few times and I had some homeless people that needed to be back to the shelter by a certain time so I didn't use them.You pay too much for sorry workers. Use local paper or even craigslist.
  3. OsbornLawnMaintenance

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    maybee if I schedule a meeting with the guys before I agree to using them, then I can solve that type of problem.
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    See if you have a Team Green Staffing company near you, they employee temps with Green Industry experience. So if you need someone with Mowing, hardscape, irrigation or just general labor. They have different people with different levels of experience and the rates reflect it. I think they start at 15hr for general labor and go up to 25 for skilled labor.

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    When I used to work solo, I would usually call some friends and have them ask a couple people. I would usually wind up with like anywhere from 3-5 people wanting to work. I don't know if that helps but I hope it does. Good luck.
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    I have used temps both for workers and office workers a few times. The first worker came one day and did ok, the second day he showed up early, pried open the garage door enough to crawl under, walked off with a few hundred in tools, stupidly took them to the used tool guy and sold them, probably for drug money and ended up in jail over it. The second was one of the better I ever had and although it has been 15 years he and I are still friends. In the office one quit the third day because she had nothing to wear to work (as long as they wear clothes we don't care) one was one of the biggest characters we ever had and we still joke about some of the things she did and said and one is no longer with the temp agency but still comes in one day a week to help us catch up.

    It is a mixed bag. You will get good and bad. Most temp agencies let you send them back if you are not satisfied. In your circumstances it might be a good way to go.
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    Thanks, this is the response I get from talking to most people who have used them. They all say some of them are really good and some are really bad it just depends on the angle of the moon with the sun I guess.

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