Tenacity and sedgehammer


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Anyone mix the two?

I have been mixing quinclorac and Pylex and double dosing crabgrass with really good results while being able to control stiltgrass, Dalisgrass and a few others. And there has been 0 bleaching occurring.

My thinking is since you really need to hit nutsedge twice in most cases to have any chance of actually controlling it, a one two punch of the sedgehammer and tenacity would really kick its ass pretty good and adding the tenacity wouldn’t add that much more cost/1000.

I am going to experiment on my lawn this week when I pick up some generic tenacity and will post results at the appropriate times.

Soooooo, if anyone has tried this combo, I would be interested in your results,



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I've had the same thought are you mixing both products at full rate or reduced[/QUOTE

I’m going full rate with both. I should have the tenacity tomorrow. I ran out of it Friday. I literally just thought of trying this concoction this morning.


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I’ve been doing this for three years at full rate of each with a surfactant. I have very good results with one app. It’s still slow but better than halosulfuron methyl alone