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    Anyone hear if it has been released for residential turf
  2. rcreech

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    Last I heard...it was going to be March 09.

    That was what the Syngenta rep said at the winter OTF back in Dec.

    Hope it is!
  3. a plus bob

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    I hope my rep says its wicked on violets.

    RABBITMAN11 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    My brother in law is a golf course super thought about getting some from him!
    I need it for my own yard. Neighbor has a yard full of nimberwill keeps creeping in my yard. I hate this stuff, absolutely ruining my yard, keeps getting worse each year!
  5. Real Green

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    Question, we need it for our orchard grass crop bad... can our AG side get it? :) It is off limits only to lawn care pros?
  6. rcreech

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    It is! On the ag side it is called Callisto but the AI is Mesitrione which is the exact same as Tenacity.

    I think this will be atleast my fourth year to use it.

    It is labeled for corn...but not sure about orchard grass. You would have to check the label.

    Call me if you have any questions!
  7. Puttinggreens

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    I recently (1/8/2009) e-mailed Syngenta with the residential use question and was told:

    "At this time the registration for use on home lawns has not been applied for. Our R&D group is still investigating this use.

    Jim Wojciak
    Customer Center
    Syngenta Crop Protection"

    This is contrary to everything we have been told over the last few years, don't know who to believe.

    The product would have many uses for us if and when it becomes available.
  8. Ric

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    I priced Tenacity yesterday from a not so regular supplier. I was quoted $ 720.00 a Gallon. Now at the rate per thousand you are only looking at $ 0.50 to a dollar per thousand cost. But that $ 720.00 up front cost will blow a lot of people away.
  9. Think Green

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    $5.63 per ounce is crazy, compared to the fact, that it will treat 16 acres at the maximum rate of 8 oz's. $46.00 to treat an acre for a farmer is nothing.
    I agree with you RIC, the average person will cringe to see the initial bill for a gallon. They aren't looking at how many acres it will treat.
    I was interested in this product before I conceived it wasn't tested on Warm Season Grasses. BUMMER!
  10. rcreech

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    Actaully...it wouldn't cost $46/acre on corn.

    The ag side which is Callisto is about 1/3 of the price. I use a premix called Lexar...but it is just one of 3 AI's and it only costs about $23/acre for the mix.

    That is even a little high...as most products cost around $18-20/acre, but the product is worth the extra cost!

    Mesitrione is an awesome product!!!!!!

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