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    Have any of you ever had tendonitis? If so what exactly does it feel like? My elbow, forearms, and wrists are in a lot of pain, especially when I lift something. I've only been in the business since April, so I've been doing it all myself. The steering handles on my Honda walk behind and my ECHO weedeater seem to give me the most trouble. I used the Search option and nothing turned up but Carpal Tunnell syndrome and I don't think my symptoms match that. I think it's tendonitis but I'm not sure. Has anyone had similiar experiences? If it is tendonitis, is there a cure? I sure would appreciate any responses.

  2. awm

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    If you are slow now i would suggested light exersize
    now to strenthen those areas.Stretching the affected
    area is probably mostimportant.Also i take
    anti inflamatory med and a pain pill called ultrum.
    It works well for me but doesnt affect the bodies
    own pain endorfins as most other meds do.
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    This sounds like a question for a doctor. Self medication is one of the leading reasons for emergency room visits. Just ask some of the paramedics on this site. Also misdiagnosis by an non doctor will do you no good.
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    I had what my doctor called tennis elbow this november. The only thing he could tell me was that it was from regular repetative activity and for the meantime take anti-imflamatories and ice it. After I was able to function a little better I started to stretch it. I still don't know what brought mine on to this day. This is not a diagnosis and you should visit your doctor to see what is really up.
    Good luck
  5. Greenkeepers

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    Go and see a doctor.. Better safe than sorry :)
  6. TGCummings

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    Don't rule anything in or out, my friend.

    See a doctor. Get it right.

  7. Premo Services

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    I had severe tendonitis in my shoulder about 2 years ago. I was removing r&r ties and the last one was stuck in ground bad, I gave it a good pull and when it broke loose my arms went real far back and my chest and shoulders were hurting.After a couple days only my left shoulder was hurting,this was in september and I needed to finish season,so I did with the intense pain. Ithought it was a torn rotator cuff but in dec. I went to a specialist and after a mri and xrays he said I had severe tendonitis and he could give me a shot in the joint and it would help with the pain. A friend told me about a nero muscular massage theripist, he said that i shouldn`t take shots because it would dull pain and it could be hurt worse and I wouldn`t know it and to give him a crack at it, to come four visits and if it did not help there would not be a charge. After the 2nd visit I started to feel a lot less pain and by the 4th visit there was no pain and still no pain to this day.I go to him on a regular basis now and I cannot believe how much better I feel.:)

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    ET--I am not a doctor but I am very much into self analysis of my own medical problems.

    it doesn't seem to me that both arms should hurt the same from the same activity. I agree with the others that it is time to see the doctor. now is the time to do it so that you'll be ready for spring.

    I have also been refered to a sports medicine doctor and the results were positive. but I'd stay away from the upper torso ice packs!

    good luck.

  9. ETturfman

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    Thanks for the replies everyone. I am slow right now, other than cleaning up all of the branches and limbs from the ice storm we had. Which, of course, only makes it worse. I guess I need to schedule an appointment with the Doctor and see what's up. I guess I've been putting it off fearing the worst. But if some shots and stretching exercise's might help, that's not too bad. When I find out exactly what's wrong I'll post it along with the treatments that were prescribed to let everyone know


  10. ericksonbrad@hotmail.com

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    i'm 34 and had signs of carpal tunnel 2 years ago to the point that i couldnt spin the top off my shampoo bottle in the mornings after sleeping with my wrists all twisted up against my chest at night. all this was due to the pistol grips on belt drive walk behinds. i have since gone to t-bar toro hydro's and have virtually eliminated all symtoms.

    p.s. i'm note sure about hydro pistol grips they may be eazier to operate i just never tried knowing i would probably end up going with t-bar toro's anyway.

    last winter i started to develope tendonitus (tennis elbow) in my right elbow area and by spring even after my slow season it was so bad i couldnt move it without severe pain (making a fist, gripping, straightening it out or lifting). i went to the doctor and he explained that from repeated jerking on equipment and such that the muscles were torn away from the bone. he gave me a shot of cortizone (steroid to promote healing) to that area and told me very sternly that if i didnt wear a tight arm band just below the elbow every day to help keep those muscles from tearing further that i would be out of work by mid season. i know cortizone is contriversial but together with the arm band my right arm is in great shape now but my left is starting to act up. guess i will wait till spring and see but if not better you know what i'll be doing.

    p.s. i think if the pain isnt to severe you could probably go with the arm band high on the fore arm(s) and notice increased comfort very quickly.


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