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  1. Procut lawn expert

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    Hey d&a lawn care . i am doing alright i have got a few bids back . I picked up a new property management company this year that has about 70 acres .And still have about 50 more acres of bids out . hope to pick up a little more . if i do i am thinking about adding another 4 man crew and taking a few of the bids i thought about sub contracting out .How you getting started out so far .
  2. CircleHService

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    I'm in the planning stages of starting up. Afton and Greeneville area.

  3. mont750

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    I'm in the Mt. Juliet area, solo operate a small residential mowing service part time.
  4. sonniepotts

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    I am based out of nashville.I service Cool Springs,Brentwood,West End,Green Hills,and Crieve Hall.

    Potts Lawn Care
  5. Blade Runners

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    Woodlawn, , Clarksville, Ft. Campbell, KY Area
  6. mont750

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    I work the Mt Juliet area, have been working part time the past 4 years.
  7. GreenBlade

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    Johnson City! Servicing the Tri-Cities!
  8. Tuey

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    Jackson, Tn
  9. 205mx

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    Hey man, since we aren't in competing areas I figure we could talk some shop sometimes.
    My email is jeffreytylersmith205@yahoo.com

    I'm up in Franklin.
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  10. Tuey

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