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  1. jkelton

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    Hey Kris, how have you been? I think I remember seeing you in town (or at least your truck) a few months ago, probably back in the early fall. You can't miss that beautiful logo you guys have - it's one of the best I've seen around here. Is it cold enough for you?
  2. KKEES

    KKEES LawnSite Member
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    You probably saw me....I was over there yesterday afternoon. No worries! When I'm in the boro I'm spending money not making it! :) Spending either on those hotties around campus or Mountain bike stuff at MOAB. Thanks for the logo compliment, I was wondering if you could tell me how to get it under my username on this forum like yours. Also, email me.....I want to ask you about your website which is very thorough.
  3. Mowmoney00

    Mowmoney00 LawnSite Member
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    We're in the Boro too.....
  4. Mowmoney00

    Mowmoney00 LawnSite Member
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    Hey Danny M. and JKelton.....Good to see you on here. Hope you guys are staying busy. I'll see you around town.
  5. smmtns

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    Maryville, TN.

    LAWNBUSTERS LawnSite Member
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    We service Harriman, Rockwood, & Kingston area. Been here 20 years, and lovin it. Have ya all noticed our state appears to not have a Lawn & Landscape Association, as does our neighboring states, it's not listed anyway with the others in Landscape Management. Do we have one? Often wondered about the "undercutters", makes it hard on us fellas who understand that it is necessary to carry CGL & Comm.Auto, updated equipment cost, business tax, commercial trailer tags, etc. but to force the issue, opens up a whole new can of worms. Moving back to the Positive, Hello to all you fellow lawncareians who sweat just as hard as we do here in the same great state of Tennessee.
  7. crashman

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    Hello to my fellow Tennesseans. I'm a newby to the site & the biz. So far the info i have read has been extremely helpful and inlightening. Hopefully when I have some newby questions to ask, everybody will have some patience with me. I have to start somewhere just like everybody else. I live and work in west Knoxville and I just moved back here from Virginia Beach, VA after having to retire on disability. Enough about me, Just wanted to say hi and hope everyone has a successful year.
  8. crashman

    crashman LawnSite Member
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    Sorry about the spelling thing, Suppose to be "newbe". Brain gets moving faster than the fingers.
  9. imograss

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    Welcome aboard crashman!
  10. jlcare

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    I live in Cordova but work all over Memphis and north Mississippi.

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