Terex® tac woodsman 750 arborist chipper showcased at volvo rents training days, bak

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    Farwell, Michigan, March, 20 2013 – Terex® Environmental Equipment exhibited its TAC Woodsman 750 arborist chipper at the Volvo Rents Training Days from February 19th – 21st at Bakersfield, CA, USA.

    Terex® Environmental Equipment exhibited their well-known and popular TAC Woodsman 750 arborist chipper at the Volvo Rents Training Days in Bakersfield, CA, USA from February 19th – 21st 2013 where they were received well by Volvo Rents who recently selected Terex Environmental Equipment as a preferred vendor, and will retail the TAC Woodsman 750 arborist chipper.

    This is an annual event for the Volvo Rents West Region Staff, where Volvo have 34 stores, including all outside sales representatives, branch managers, division managers, select inside sales managers, and senior management from Volvo Corporate. As this was a two day event from February 19th to 21st, it provided the opportunity for all Volvo attendees to have hand on product training with all suppliers. The training consisted of 12 teams of 9 - 10 attendees, and 12 vendor training sessions at approximately one hour per vendor. Training varied from a general walk around, feature benefits, and new product enhancements.

    Commenting on the Volvo Rents Training Days in Bakersfield, CA, Danny Thiros, Arborist Sales Manager for Terex® Environmental Equipment said “Terex Environmental Equipment was recently selected as a preferred vendor by Volvo Rents, and this was a great opportunity to increase brand awareness, and to educate the Volvo attendees on TEE Products”.

    Terex® TAC Woodsman 750 Arborist Chipper
    The Terex® TAC Woodsman 750 is an excellent mid-size arborist chipper. The 37" diameter by 24" wide chipping drum of the TAC Woodsman 750 is designed to meet the needs of tree care professionals and municipal agencies to chip larger material. Numerous features such as reverse auto feed, feed wheel lift cylinders, and height adjustable discharge chute make the TAC Woodsman 750 a very versatile chipper for your fleet.

    The dual hydraulic drive motors operate the feed wheel and eliminate the need for various bearings, bushings, chains and sprockets. This is a great way to save on repair time and costs over the duration of the machine's life. High production and low maintenance are what you can expect from Terex. In addition to less maintenance, the Terex TAC Woodsman 750 operates simply and easily with a large chipper opening, which significantly reduces chainsaw work.

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