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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by lawnartists, Dec 12, 2010.

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    I was looking for a small skid steer for digging patios, moving topsoil and snow, and other basic landscaping work. I have been looking at the PT-30 because of its 2.6lb/sq inch ground pressure which wouldn't tear up the residential job sites that we do most of the work on. It seems small enough to fit on my 16ft 10000lb utility trailer that I already own as well. They even make a turf tracks for the machine that are smooth. They claim that they are very gentle on finished surfaces. Seems as though I could even use it for large mulching jobs without tearing turf. Am a little concerned that the closest dealer is a 150 miles out from me, but I don't know of any other machine that seems to fit for our purposes. I have test driven it at the dealer but not outside of the dealers lot. Does anyone have experience with this particular model?
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    We have a Bobcat MT-55 I think it weighs 4.6 psi an absolutly amazing machine. In our entire fleet this is the one thing if we lost we would buy asap.
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    I have used both machines and I think the MT50 and MT55 are good productive machines with their niches, but IMO the only advantage they really have over the PT30 is cost and width. The PT30 has more hp, twice as much ground clearance(the Bobcats only have about 4.5"), way more lift height, more ROC, more speed, way more traction, just as many attachments, and most importantly, it can be used in the rain, snow or freezing weather from the confines of a ROPS/FOPS certified heated cab.
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    Ground clearance has never been an issue. Dealer is a small but significant issue as we have one in Bowling Green that we pass daily and several in the greater Nashville area. But alas it has no cab but in dangerous terrain it can be turned loose in an emergency. Although we unlike most in our area, work all winter so ice and snow are ok but mud must be washed off and not allowed to freeze.
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    Sorry to say this but the little walk behind loaders are in no way even comparable to an RC-30. Unless you absolutely need to fit through a 36" or smaller area the little ASV is many times more machine. The little walk behinds are decent tool carriers and ok little powered wheelbarrows but not much more. Work well for certain jobs but can't really grade or excavate like a sit down machine.

    My 2 cents..
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