Termidor for RIFA control

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Garth, Nov 9, 2005.

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    Interesting bit here. Termidor was labeled in 2002 for OUTDOOR ant control but as per two of my suppliers you need a Structural Pest control license to purchase it i.e. if you are not registered as a termite company you can't purchase it. I called BASF pesticide division and told them this was bollocks. He informed me that people use it for ants all over my state and that a supplimental label covers me to do so. I said I'll download the label since I won't be able to tear it off the container because I CAN"T BUY IT. I've got the license to do residential, industrial and institutional pest control from DPR but we have a landscape maintenance pest control business license. I've got restricted materials permits from all the counties that we do business in and have maintenance gardener and right of way categories as well. Sometimes these E.P.A. minded pesticide suppliers go too bloody far. It's great to know that the average homeowner can't go buy this stuff and poison everyone on the block but when someone HAS the credentials and the knowledge and still can't get what they need without spending a few MORE hundreds of dollars then something is wrong.:realmad:
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    The label states, (quote)" For use by individuals/firms licensed or registered by the state to apply termiticide products".(end quote) This stuff has "Warning" as the signal word.

    Ah, I see that the Termidor SC is not the Termidor 80WG that I need. Yet both product labels do have that quote.
    I wonder how Do It Yourself Pest Control is able to sidestep the actual label requirements?
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    When i first started using it 5 years ago i had to take a class put own by basf.
    Then lesco has to have my number on file for me to buy it. i was using it for
    termites. To be honest i think lesco will sell about anything to a home owner.
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    FYI--The 20oz bottle of Termidor that you can buy on that website is not a restricted-use product and is not agency-enforced by BASF like their other formulations. So you don't need a BASF Termidor/Phantom partner number to purchase it. So LESCO is within their rights to sell it to a homeowner if they choose to, however unlikely and/or rare that would be. Yes, it is true that LESCO "will sell about anything to a home owner." That's because, as a percentage of the whole, the vast majority of LESCO's products are not considered RUP by the state gov'ts or the EPA (fert is open to anyone, as are most herbicides, etc, depending on the concentration of certain AI's like 2-4D). So it would be hard to explain to a homeowner why you "can't" sell them something at a fair retail price if there is no legal problem with it. Just think of the potential for discrimination claims if, let's suppose, the homeowner was a minority, a woman, etc. How would the salesman defend his/her decision not to take care of that customer?? Better to simply warn the customer of the dangers of the product and make sure they realize that LESCO is not liable for what they do with it (because they aren't). I'd rather put the liability on the homeowner than myself if I was the salesman. Why risk a discrimination complaint?

    Personally, as a LESCO employee, I would prefer to simply give a homeowner a business card of someone who is licensed to do that kind of work and let them know that most professionals who do termite jobs offer 7-10 yr guarantees (and know what the heck they're doing). But if the homeowner insists, they are well within their rights to purchase the product. Remember, in most states, in order to sell Restricted Use Products, the salesman must be licensed by the state as an RUP dealer, so they should know what they're doing and who they can/can't sell certain items to.

    And, of course, any time there is a contractor in the store waiting for help, retail customers wait at the back of the line. After all, LESCO is primarily a wholesale business, not retail.

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