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    This may sound dumb,but some of the terminology you guys use confuses me.<br>For example what on earth is a &quot;stick edger&quot;<br>Is that a line trimmer (aka whipper snipper)<br>or is it a blade edger? We may be a few hours<br>ahead in time zones but we are about 10 years<br>behind in most other areas of mowing. Eg.<br>Written contracts for mowing residential<br>properties is unheard of over here. ZRT<br>mowers are only just coming into favour here.<br>Walk behind mowers like Scags ect. are <br>extremely rare.
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    its basicaly a &quot;line trimmer&quot; with a verticle blade at the bottom<p>----------<br>CJC Landscape Management<br>Winter Haven, Florida
  3. southside

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    AAAHHHH, now I see. We have those here,made<br>by Stihl. They any good? I have one job in mind,a subdivision with about 20km or 12.5<br>miles of edging.Mainly around footpaths,kerbs<br>concrete garden edges ect.

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