Termite Overkill

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    Saw this on TV here last night,certainally a different way to get rid of termites.

    Torrence blast destroys house, damages 20 others

    TORRANCE, Calif. (AP) - A home tented for termite fumigation and filled with gas exploded Tuesday, leveling that house, damaging at least 20 others and injuring 10 people, authorities said.
    A natural gas line into the home wasn't shut off, which is required when a house is being fumigated, said The Gas Co. spokesman Dennis Lord.
    ``Our preliminary investigation has learned that the gas meter was left on,'' Lord said. ``It is our understanding that normally in the fumigation process that the gas should be turned off to the house. We don't know at this point in time how the gas was left on.''
    The force of the 5:45 a.m. blast obliterated the one-story tented home, sent a concussion through the community and left the neighborhood covered in debris.
    Ten people had minor injuries including cuts, bruises and sprains from the blast, fire department spokesman Tad Friedman said. Three people were taken to a hospital.
    Twenty homes appeared to have been damaged, said Friedman, who expected that number to increase as more inspections were conducted.
    ``We're truly blessed that there's been no loss of life,'' said Torrance Mayor Dan Walker. ``Looking at the sight, that's very, very difficult to believe.''
    Many of the roofs in the neighborhood were covered with insulation, floor boards and glass. Some homes were knocked off their foundation.
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    Poor little termites...:D
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    No Pain No Gain

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