Termite Pre-treatments in FL

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by johnny150, Oct 29, 2004.

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    I am new to the site and glad I found you guys. I have been in the termite business for about 5 years now and thinking about starting in the pre-treat business. I'm looking at purchasing a used Isuzu NPR and was wondering what to look for: tank size, capacities, hose size, and any other pertinent information as far as equipment go's. I believe the truck I am looking at is an old Tru Green lawn truck.

    I read a post on this site from someone in FL named Ric that seemed to have some info on spray rigs.

    I was also wondering about what chemicals most companies are using. I've heard of some pretty low prices being charged to builders .05-.08 /sq ft.
    At these prices it dos'nt sound like much profit initially.

    Well, Thanks for any information you guys can help me with.

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    I think you are in the wrong web site, you need pctonline.com which is a closed site, with access only to subscribers of the magazine. The guys on here are mostly dealing with lawn.

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    Sorry but your post doesn't wash with me. First of all if you have been in the termite business for 5 years you would already know the answers to the question you are asking. Soil poison pre-treats are on there way out because of the Tree Huggers. To even drive to a 2,000 sg ft job and spray straight water for $ 0.05, let along chemicals, insurance, and Licensing costs is a looser. Companies doing it for this price, are using it as a lost leader for up sells to the home buyer. This might include a in the wall system that goes bad in the first two years due the high humidity of Florida's summers and dry WSP dry pesticides used.

    Today scam companies are going to Timbor for termite treatment and getting the added advantage of GHP (general household pest control). This covers the fact that the expensive up sell of in the wall systems fail quickly and Timbor covers their Butt.

    How the true is, I was born at night. However not last night. Florida is the land of scam and you are trying to scam me with this post and my screen name in it.

    Yes I do have a connection for used True Green Trucks that have all working pumps and hoses Etc. from the leasing company that True Green uses. However I must go out of state to get them because Florida True Green strips their trucks before turning them back to the leasing company. However True Green Trucks are not set up the right way for termite work IMHO.
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    Thanks Bryn, your probably right about this being the wrong web site.

    Ric, I was just trying to get some info on a spray truck. No I'm not trying to scam you or anyone else. I realize other company's are charging pretty low rates and I can't figure out how they were coming up with these prices, obviously they are scamming people or just taking a loss. I read one of your other posts and you seemed quite knowledgeable thats why I mentioned your name. Sorry you took it the wrong way.


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