Termites in bark beds.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Lawn Dog2001, Dec 4, 2001.

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    Does anyone know of an effective treatment to protect against getting termites in mulch beds. I have a customer we installed new mulch beds for this summer and they are worried about termites. They have had termite problems in the past, and Terminx told them that termites in mulch beds are very common. I am a certified lawn and turf applicator. I dont no if my catagory 7 would cover me on this or not. I know that Dursban is supposedly a good treatment, but you cant get it in PA. Is there any other chemicals I can use to effectively treat these beds?
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    Check with your state extension service. This is one area that most state extensions deal with. It was explained to me long ago that mulch by itself does not harbor termites. You may see them active in some woody mulch, but the termite colony lives in dead wood, like an old stump, large dead root or fallen tree that was buried. Verify this with your state reps before using that idea, as nature varies in different climates and areas.
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    There is not alot you can do for termites in the soil around the structure as termites in the notheast are subteranean. The bigger question is has Terminix properly treated your customers home. The reality is an adequate termite service takes atl least 150 gallons termiticide (depending on size if home) which may last 5-10 years at best so any surface spraying you do with a labeled insecticide will degrade too quickly to make any difference. Besides why are the homeowners digging through you freshly laid mulch anyhow.
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  5. fireball

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    Both Dursban TC and Premise can be used for perimeter treatment in mulch beds. Both can be purchased at Lesco however there will be restrictions after jan 1, 2002. Premise is a better choice. Your category 7 will not cover you in most situations. Typically you do not find termites in a good hardbark mulch because of the moisture level and temperature however with the introduction of recycled wood such as pallets being added to the mixture you are finding some termites. The pest control industry is taking advantage of this fact so that they don't have to honor their guarentees. Ask the customer to ask Terminex why their Sentricon units aren't working. They are suspose to kill termites wherever they come from

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    You need a separate licence to apply materials in any non-turf area.
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    Thank you guys for the help. Like I said though, they are not having termites in the bark now, they had a problem previously. They just want to take a good prevenative step just in case. I told my customers I dont anticipate a problem, but if there is they need to take it up with Terminx. They must not be to worried because they said they plan to have me remulch in the Spring. My biggest concern is having them blame me if a problem does occur.
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    Just my two cents but how about malathion. but should not really matter if the house is treated. You chould have wood under the house that they would eat but would not touch the house. they live in dirt with no outside air. the kind that fly will do no damage to wood they only reproduce and start new colonys.

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