Termites in mulch

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by 94gt331, Apr 17, 2012.

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    Whats up yall. Ive had a great and busy last week with some bigger installs. We finished a landscape makeover. We teared out evergreen shrubs, and then mounded topsoiled beds replanted various shrubs and trees, bolders etc. And we used about 15 yrds of premium bark mulch triple ground. That's the favorite mulch to use around here. 4 days lator i get a call saying there's termites in one area of the landscape bed. So a pest control company is coming to get rid of them. My question is who should have to pay for that service. Do you think the mulch yard should pay or me. I mean how can u even tell where they came from. I never had this problem before with this mulch and everyone in the area uses with no issues. I allways make my mistakes right with my customers but this is a tough one.
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    I would check the nursery before they restock their mulch to see if it came from there. I would also call the customer and find out when the pest guys was going to come by and treat the termites and make it a point that you be there to see the treatment and talk to the pest control guy first hand to get his opinion on the source (in writing). I am all for making things right with my customers but at the same time I am not in the biz of paying for damages that were pre-existing....do right by the customer but cover your azz at the same time.
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    I just got a call about this today. Keep us posted!
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    As long as it was properly composted- the industry has standards that most wood waste companies follow- it wasn't the source of the insects. Incredible heat is generated during the process, not the best habitat for insects.
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    Thats what i tried to say to the customer also. But you know customers are allways right. It looks like my customer and I are going to work together on covering the $1000.00 bill for the pest control service. Sometimes i wish i worked for somebody else and let them handle all the crap.:drinkup:
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    You gotta be kidding me right??!!!??
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    Have a meeting with both the customer,PC App. To determin the real source of the infestation. If your still not sure call your own PCA App as well. At least here in SW. Florida I never use Pine mulch of any kind. No blame game to deal with.
    easy-lift guy
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    If it's pine bark or mulch you will have termites. No way around it. In FL if you leave a non treated 2x4 on the ground you'll have termites under it in a week. Lots of people are mow starting to use pine bark around here and I have found termites in most of it. I will only install cypress chips or mulch for my customers. After I explain about termites they have no problem only using cypress.
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    I think it's all BS. Never had mulch attract termites ever.

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