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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by n2h20, Oct 29, 2013.

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    I have noticed most sites have a terms of use type page. What needs/should be covered in this page? Is there any template designers use?
    Ive seen some pages that simply say "all images and content are property of xyz" and others that are a 1,000+ words.

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    If you want one, you can probably just go boiler plate (freebies are all over the web). You can go thousands of words, or you can go 100. The page exists to tell your visitors what you do with their data and how you do, or don't, warranty what your web site tells them. Do you collect email addresses or contact info? Who gets that data? Are you selling it to credit card companies? Tell them you'd never do that, or you might. Is your site using cookies? Gathering analytics data? You can tell people you do, but that only you use the info. Provide advice or how to's? This is where you tell people you're not responsible for their being attacked by your recommended Koi. Linking to other sites or content? You're not responsible for what those guys say, either.

    Terms of Use:
    The above advice is given without warranty and the poster (tonygreek) shall be held harmless if you lose an arm or get sued and stuff.

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