Terra-Care Picture Thread

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by terracare, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. MOlawnman

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    Excellent work!!!!!
  2. olderthandirt

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    If its so easy and all that great work you've done you should have boxes of these kind of pics. I betcha that on $30 job that the other lco, the one that pays ins. and workers comp and taxes that rips people off in your opinion would even send you some pics. of his work too. LMAO:cry:

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  3. Johnny

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    Very Nice TC. Lookin' good!
  4. promower

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    beat me to it olderthendirt

    why buy a digital camera if your not gonna use it:confused:
  5. Expert Lawns

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    chevyman, i wasn't being literal.....just buffing his ego a bit. i could have put one of those winking smiley faces after it, but i was too lazy to double click it. it's way over on the left side

    JB1LNDSCPR LawnSite Member
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    There is nothin more i like than striped lawns. Those are beautiful if you don't mine i would like to know how you got the lawns so green and beautiful you can e-mail me at the username @aol.com
    if not i understand. Thanks

    Beautiful Work
  7. topher924

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  8. chevyman1

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    Terra Lawns, please respond when you get a second, I would still like your permission to use one of those photos, thanks!
  9. thelawnkid

    thelawnkid LawnSite Member
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    you said that you used a roller to get those stripes. can you send post a picture of what the roller looks like, I would like to see how it is setup.
  10. chevyman1

    chevyman1 LawnSite Senior Member
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    could you please respond when you get a chance Terralawns

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